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One of the items that users may want to see on such reports is subtotals. On this simple report there are two places to which subtotals can be added: the columns and rows. Later reports will show that it isn t always this simple, because there might be multiple levels of data from the same dimension on either rows or columns, which can lead to multiple levels of subtotals. For now, however, it s enough to see how to turn on the subtotals and apply some formatting to the subtotal cells. In order to add subtotals, the report developer simply needs to right-click on the cells for the row or column headers; in the case of this sample report, the cell for Calendar_Year or the cell for Country. Right-clicking on one of these cells opens the pop-up menu and the third item on this menu is Subtotal. Selecting Subtotal adds a new cell below the row or to the right of the column that simply says Total and has a green triangle in the upper right-hand corner. The word Total is simply a label in a textbox and therefore can be changed. The subtotal textbox itself can be formatted by changing the background color, the font style and weight, and so forth, just like any other textbox. However, making these changes does not in any way affect the display of the subtotal values when they appear. Instead, to change the format for the subtotal cells, the developer must click on the green triangle. Clicking this triangle opens the subtotal properties in the properties window, and here the background color, font, numeric format, and other properties can be changed. This is useful when the subtotals for reports should have a shaded background or the fonts should appear bold or italicized. Figure 10-8 shows the same report as Figure 10-7, but with subtotals added. Subtotals were turned on for both rows and columns. The new textboxes had their labels changed to Years Total and Country Total. The next textboxes had their background colors set to a light grey color, and the subtotal backgrounds were also set to the same light grey color by first clicking on their small green triangles to access the subtotal properties. In addition, the column and row headers were given a pale blue background to help distinguish them from the measure. It might appear that the Format property of the subtotals was set to c (for currency.) In fact, that is not the case. Because the cell containing the measure was set to a Format property of c, the subtotals pick this formatting up automatically. It s still possible to override
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Notice that the remote server name is resolved to a loopback address. It is important that your users gracefully close down port forwarding in order for the extra added entries from the hosts file to be correctly cleaned up. I discuss this later in the Port Forwarding and the Windows Local Hosts File section. The remote port number in the port-forward command is the actual port number the application is listening on at the remote server end. Basically the port forwarding rules tell the JavaScript code and the ASA how to perform the proxy for TCP applications. Here s a simple example of two port forwarding rules in the same rule set:
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Secondary Storage
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The C# Language
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Component Target Incentive
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Figure 5-14 Mapping a KPI to a measure in the data source, with optional filtering set to members in the Customer and Product dimensions
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CorelDRAW X4 has a top-to-bottom solution for camera Raw images that you need to use in a page layout or other design. When you choose to open a Raw image directly from your camera s memory or from hard disk, CorelDRAW s Camera Raw Lab loads the image before placing it in your document. Then, within this applet, you can process the photo for exposure, color temperature, shadow recovery, white balance, and all other aspects to make your photograph flawless. CorelDRAW sports a comprehensive list of Raw file formats from over 80 models and from 20 different manufacturers, including Hasselblad, Contax, Canon, Leica, Kodak, Nikon, and Minolta. You d be hard-pressed not to find your camera in the list of supported cameras. CorelDRAW also supports Adobe s DNG Raw exchange file format. Figure 1-4 shows the Camera Raw Lab; unprocessed, this image was terribly underexposed.
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Advanced Report and Chart Formatting
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This function waits until the proper password is entered:
Application Details
+12 dBmV +4.5 dBmV 100' 32 +12.8 dBmV +13.5 dBmV +11 dBmV +11.2 dBmV +9.2 dBmV +14.7 dBmV +15.8 dBmV +19.8 dBmV 4 dB 4 dB 4 dB 4 dB 1 dB 1 dB 1 dB 1 dB 26 20 17 11 200' 200' 200' 200' If +19.8 dBmV is too high, an inline equalizer of 8 dB can be installed. Assumptions: bridger output +19.8 dBmV @ 750 MHz with 9.8 tilt, therefore +37 dBmV @ 50 MHz Trunk amplifier with reverse amplifier, AGC and 2-port bridger Cable loss:
geometric position specifications, you can assume that image and position data types are available to store attribute values. Your ERD should support the generation of assembly instructions. Each product can have a set of ordered steps for instruction. Table 6.PI shows some of the assembly instructions for a wheelbarrow. The numbers in the instructions refer to the parts diagram. Your ERD should support the generation of a parts list for each product. Table 6.P2 shows the parts list for the wheelbarrow. For the Expense Report ERD shown in Figure 6.P3, identify and resolve errors and note incom 23, pleteness in the specifications. Your solution should include a list of errors and a revised ERD. For each error, identify the type of error (diagram or design) and the specific error within each error type. Note that the ERD may have both diagram and design errors. If you are using the
disaster recovery and business continuity requirements Formal statements that describe required recoverability and continuity characteristics that a system must support. disaster recovery plan The activities required to restore critical IT systems and other critical assets, whether in alternate or primary locations. See also response document. disaster recovery planning (DRP) Activities related to the assessment, salvage, repair, and restoration of facilities and assets. discovery sampling A sampling technique where at least one exception is sought in a population. See also sampling. discretionary access control (DAC) An access model where the owner of an object is able to determine how and by whom the object may be accessed. The discretion of the owner determines permitted accesses by subjects. disk array A chassis in which several hard disks can be installed and connected to a server. The individual disk drives can be hot swapped in the chassis while the array is still operating. disk management system (DMS) An information system that is used to manage disk media, usually for the purpose of performing information backup. See also backup. distributed denial of service (DDoS) A denial of service (DoS) attack that originates from many computers. See also denial of service (DoS). document review A review of some or all disaster recovery and business continuity plans, procedures, and other documentation. Individuals typically review these documents on their own, at their own pace, but within whatever time constraints or deadlines that may have been established. domain name service (DNS) A TCP/IP application layer protocol used to translate domain names (such as into IP addresses. dropout A momentary loss of power that lasts from a few milliseconds to a few seconds. dry pipe A fire sprinkler system used where ambient temperatures often drop below freezing. In this type of system, pipes are filled with compressed air. When sufficient heat causes one of the sprinkler head fuses to break, a control valve releases water into the piping. See also fire sprinkler system. dual power feeds The use of two physically separate electric power feeds into a facility. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) A TCP/IP application layer protocol used to assign an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, IP address of DNS servers, and other information to a workstation that has joined the network. dynamic random access memory (DRAM) The most common form of semiconductor memory, where data is stored in capacitors that require periodic refreshing.
Part B temperature ( C) 90.0 C
Bandpass filter Sets resolution bandwidth
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