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Table 7.7 A practical example of computing bridge bearing seating elevations. Bearing Depth Superstructure Depth (Inches) Deck Slab Haunch Girder Depth Bearing Depth 8.5 2.5 47 8.5 /6.5 Plate Thickness Sole Pl. (T3 + T4)/2 Steel Load Pl.T2 Elast. Pad 14 x 16 Masonry Pl.T1 1.0 8.5 Total Thickness Total West/East Abutment 66.5 /64.5 5.54 /5.38 Line A Girder G1 C.L. East Abut. Brgs. C.L. West Abut. Brgs. Girder G2 C.L. East Abut. Brgs. C.L. West Abut. Brgs. 48.37 45.83 Line B Girder G3 C.L. East Abut. Brgs. C.L. West Abut. Brgs. Girder G4 C.L. East Abut. Brgs. C.L. West Abut. Brgs. Girder G5 C.L. East Abut. Brgs. C.L. West Abut. Brgs. 48.06 45.53 Line C Girder G6 C.L. East Abut. Brgs. C.L. West Abut. Brgs. 47.52 44.98 1.25 1.25 0.025 0.025 47.545 45.005 47.55 45.01 5.38 5.54 42.17 39.47 18 18 Distance From C 0.36 0.36 Difference 47.7 45.77 Deck Elev. 47.7 45.17 Rounded Elev. 5.38 5.54 42.32 39.63 48.06 45.53 10 10 0.2 0.2 47.86 45.33 47.86 45.33 5.38 5.54 42.48 39.79 48.06 45.53 2 1.25 0.04 0.025 48.02 45.49 48.02 45.49 5.38 5.54 42.64 39.95 9.25 9.25 Distance From B 0.185 0.185 Difference 48.185 45.645 48.19 45.65 5.38 5.54 42.81 40.11 48.37 45.83 1.25 1.25 0.025 0.025 48.345 45.805 48.35 45.81 5.38 5.54 42.97 40.27 Distance From A (Ft.) Difference (Ft.) Deck Elevation Elevation Superstructure Depth (Ft.) Top of Conc. El. 1.0 6.375 Use 6.5 at Fixed End Expansion End West Abutment 1.0 1.0 5.5 Fixed End East Abutment 1.0 1.0 3.375 Remarks
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The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
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Tabular vs. Hierarchical Views
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Notice the first four items have to do with the battery s plates and electrolyte its construction; the next two items concern its history; and the last three depend on how you are using it at the moment. We ll get into all the details, but keep in mind that the most truthful thing you can say about battery capacity is: it depends. Battery capacity is specified in ampere-hours. A battery with a capacity of 100 ampere-hours could in theory deliver either 1 amp for 100 hours or 100 amps for 1 hour. This doesn t help you any more than would drawing a straight line on a map if someone asked you for a destination. You need the second coordinate, the second factor-rating. A battery s rating is the second specifying factor. It refers to the rate at which it can be charged or discharged. It is analogous to how fast the sink will fill up with the water from the jug. In equation form: Battery Rating 5 Capacity/Cycle Time In this equation, the rating is given in amperes for a capacity in ampere-hours and a cycle time in hours. In practical terms, a battery with a capacity of 100 ampere-hours that can deliver 1 amp for 100 hours (known as a C/100 rate) would not necessarily be able to deliver the much higher 100 amps for 1 hour (known as a C/1 rate). You can only get the water out of the jug so fast. Requesting 10 amps from a fully charged 100 AH capacity battery reflects a C/10 rate; this same request reflects a much lower C/40 rate from a 400 AH battery. In other words, smaller batteries have to deliver energy faster in relation to their size, or larger batteries have lower discharge rates in relation to their capacity. Capacity of commercial batteries is standardized by the Battery Council International (BCI) into several usable figures. Two figures, a 20-hour capacity and a reserve capacity, are usually given for every battery depending on its application. 20-Hour Capacity This is a battery s rated 20-hour discharge rate its C/20 rate. Every battery is rated to deliver 100 percent of its rated capacity at the C/20 rate, if discharged in 20 hours or more. If a battery is discharged at a faster rate, it will have a lower ampere-hour capacity. Minutes at 25 amps Reserve Capacity This is the number of minutes a fully charged battery can produce a 25-amp current. This is the automotive starting battery rating that tells you how long your starter battery will power your automotive accessories if your fan belt breaks and disconnects the alternator; in other words, how many minutes you have to get to the nearest gas station. Minutes at 75 amps Reserve Capacity This is the number of minutes a fully charged battery can produce a 75-amp current. This is the golf cart battery rating, because 72 minutes translates to about the amount of time it takes to
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While sometimes off-handedly referred to as boilerplate, do not be fooled into thinking that these policies are unimportant or that they exist as an understanding. Every sales compensation plan document should contain a policy statement section covering all of the above topics. We are a small company with three sales reps. Do we need all this policy stuff Well, yes. Size and management style cannot abrogate your responsibilities to prepare clear and unambiguous policy statements regarding the pay plan. Without such clarity, you run the risk of unpleasant legal action at worst, and distracted, wary salespeople at best.
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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference Media Groups visual
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As with any client-server database application, the CPU power and speed of the database server can improve the response time of an application. Presentation Server is no different. In a Presentation Server environment, the following events are improved by increasing the processing power of the data store: Starting the IMA service on multiple servers simultaneously Installing a server into the farm Removing a server from the farm
Astro Flight, Inc. (310) 821-6242 Extremely efficient DC motors
delegate string StrMod(string str);
5.3.2 Integrals with Infinite Integrands
Hex Value 80000032h 80000033h 80000034h 80000035h 80000036h 80000037h 80000038h 80000039h 8000003Ah 80040001h 80040002h 80040003h 80040004h 80040005h 80040006h 80040007h 80040008h 80040009h 8004000Ah 80060001h
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