5: Monitoring in PerformancePoint Server in Microsoft

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Part-Uses Associativeentity type
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Representative Multiplexers
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32.4.4 Network management applications
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tween pen-and-ink signatures and electronic signatures. The E-SIGN Act applies to any transaction relating to the conduct of business, consumer or commercial affairs between two or more persons. By its terms, therefore, the E-SIGN Act applies broadly to transactions in e-commerce. Thus, the treatment of electronic signatures under the E-SIGN Act provides useful guidance as to the circumstances under which electronic signatures are enforceable. The E-SIGN Act defines electronic signature as an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record. 17 This definition is quite broad, which could allow the formation of an enforceable contract with something as simple as a computer mouse click on a dialog box indicating agreement to specific terms. Biometric data also squarely falls within the E-SIGN Act s definition. Although the definition of electronic signatures under the E-SIGN Act is broad, the Act also contains numerous exceptions to which the Act will not apply. Among these exceptions are the creation and execution of wills, codicils, or testamentary trusts; family law matters such as adoption or divorce; and court orders and notices. Thus, to generalize, the E-SIGN Act does not venture into affairs of death, affairs of family, and affairs of the judiciary. The E-SIGN Act is voluntary, requiring the parties to consent to its use. The law does not force individuals to use it. The consumer consent provision of E-SIGN, contained in 15 USC Sec. 7001(c), has been the subject of some concern, and unresolved issues remain about the application of E-SIGN. For example, hackers could attempt to forge electronic signatures on online purchases, requiring the federal or state governments to develop additional consumer protections. Also, E-SIGN, a federal law, does not replace state law if a state has enacted the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) or an equivalent.18 Since E-SIGN and UETA are not quite identical, it is useful to bear this in mind. The upcoming State Law section discusses UETA in detail.
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MetaFrameCOM (MFCOM) is a Component Object Model (COM) server that exposes some of the Presentation Server control and monitoring functions through the objects and interfaces defined in this COM server. MFCOM is a programming interface to the functions provided by the Presentation Server Console. MFCOM is a COM object that meets the requirements defined in the Microsoft Component Object Model Specification. MFCOM is a COM server, not a COM client. MFCOM exposes objects that can be accessed from a COM client. It is a freethreading COM server and supports automation. MFCOM is also a DCOM server; that is, a COM client that can remotely connect to a Presentation Server.
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ClearMesh Networks is the only equipment vendor, as far as this author knows, that offers equipment designed specifically for optical wireless mesh networks. The equipment, CM 300, consists of three FSO transceivers, each operating at 100 Mbps full-duplex data rate and integrated with a Layer 2 switching engine. FSO links for the CM 300 are based on LED, transmitting nominally 870 nm infrared light and are specified to be eye safe. The operating range of each FSO link is specified to be between 40 m and 250 m. Each transceiver, which consists of the transmitter and receiver, can be individually aligned remotely to facilitate easy installation. Each transceiver is actively auto- tracked to compensate for misalignment due to slow movements. Transmit divergence and the receive FoV is in the order of half a degree, wide enough to compensate for small scale involuntary movements. From the networking perspective, CM 300 is a Layer 2 switch operating IEEE 802.1w (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol). The equipment supports up to 256 VLANs and 802.1p classification with four levels of priority queues. In addition to the three FSO ports, CM 300 consists of four user ports, two of which are 10/100 Base-TX capable and the other two 10/100/1000 Base-TX capable. These user ports are located at the bottom of the CM 300. One of the 10/100 Base-TX ports can also be used as a serial port. The equipment consists of active environmental controls and is qualified for outdoor operation in extreme weather conditions. Each CM 300 comes with its own separate indoor power supply (IPS) with 48 VDC. CM 300 nominally consumes about 30W, but may consume close to 300W when its internal heater is used during cold weather conditions.
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For concentrically loaded bolted and riveted gusset connections, the axial load in each connected member may be assumed to be distributed equally to all fasteners, at the strength limit state. 1. The bolts in bolted gusset connections shall be evaluated to prevent: Bolt shear Plate bearing failures at the strength limit state. At the strength limit state, the provisions of AASHTO LRFD Article and shall apply for determining the bolts resistance to prevent bolt shear and plate bearing failures. 2. Riveted gusset connections The rivets shall be evaluated for: Rivet shear Plate bearing failures at the strength limit state. The plate bearing resistance for riveted connections shall be in accordance with AASHTO LRFD Article for bearing at bolt holes.
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Complete communications systems design must take into account many variables, such as the link itself, general transmitter and receiver specifications, type of modulation, data rate, and BER. Most of these issues have been or will be covered in other sections of this book. This section, however, will concentrate on the overall technical issues that affect systems performance.
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1970s. In comparison, the use of fiber in the local telephone network is a fairly recent phenomenon, since it is more expensive to replace cable in urban areas than place fiber on the railroad and pipeline rights-of-way commonly used to link cities together.
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