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Internal audit cycles will suggest improvements to control activities, and management will reply to these recommendations. Sometimes, management implements the auditor s recommendations; sometimes, they reply with alternate approaches to the issue. Often, a project is started by management as remediation and the planned completion date is provided with management s reply. IA departments will track management s remediation plans on the calendar and will follow up with the project owner regarding completion. Testing will be reperformed on failed controls, and may be performed on controls newly introduced by a project as well.
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Meaning The smallest non-zero positive value. The largest value that a double can hold. The smallest value that a double can hold. A value that is not a number. A value representing negative infinity. A value representing positive infinity.
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x before call: a: 1, b: 2 y before call: a: 3, b: 4 x after call: a: 3, b: 4 y after call: a: 1, b: 2
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history, bimanual examination, and Pap smear. A TSH may also be ordered as thyroid disease can affect bleeding patterns. In each scenario, what additional tests should be done and why An ovulatory woman Transvaginal ultrasound, sonohysterogram, or D&C with hysteroscopy (gold standard) should be done to rule out anatomic causes of abnormal bleeding -hCG: pregnancy CBC: infection Coagulation profile: blood dyscrasia Endocrine tests (FSH, LH, TSH, prolactin): premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), prolactinoma, hypothyroidism All postmenopausal women What are the risks of unrecognized DUB What is the goal of treatment for DUB Endometrial biopsy: endometrial carcinoma Hemorrhage, endometrial hyperplasia, and/or cancer To convert the proliferative endometrium into secretory endometrium Anovulatory DUB is treated with OCPs or cyclic progesterone therapy (such as medroxyprogesterone daily for 10 days of each month) DUB associated with heavy bleeding is treated with high-dose estrogen or progestins. Endometrial ablation can also be used for treatment if patient is refractory to oral and IV estrogen therapy. A D&C can be done if patient is hemodynamically unstable How is ovulatory DUB treated Ovulatory DUB is treated primarily with OCPs
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File I/O datamatrix generator
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Auto-Create Color Styles
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Earlier in this chapter we pointed out that lipid bilayers are very much not permeable to ions. In almost all cases, transport of ions across the membrane requires the existence of an ion channel, which is a transport protein as we described above with a hollow channel lined with hydrophilic residues. (One exception is vesicle transport discussed later in this chapter.) In some cases the native state of the membrane transport protein involves two or more native conformations. In at least one of these conformations the transport channel is blocked, preventing the movement of ions into the channel through either steric or hydrophobic forces. Such a channel is said to be gated because the conformation of the protein acts as a gate that can open and close. Depending on the particular transport protein and its specific purpose, various factors can act to trigger the conformational change to open or close the gate. For example, binding of a protein or other molecule to a specific receptor on the surface of the membrane may trigger the gate to open or close. Or the presence of a certain voltage difference across the membrane may trigger the conformational change that opens or closes the ion channel. This latter situation is referred to as a voltage gated ion channel. Voltage gated ion channels are common in nerve cells (neurons) and other excitable tissue (muscle cells). Typically there is a very specific voltage at which the gated ion channels of a cell open in a highly cooperative manner, so that once one channel is open, the other channels along the length of the neuron open rapidly in succession, creating an impulse that travels down the length of the neuron.
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3: The Audit Process
U n s a f e C o d e , P o i n t e r s , N u l l a b l e Ty p e s , D y n a m i c Ty p e s , a n d M i s c e l l a n e o u s To p i c s
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Because you re going to work next in some tight spaces, zoom in on the area between the sky and trees. Make sure either the Add to Selection button is depressed in the Options bar or hold down the SHIFT key. Then click in the narrow spaces between the animated, dashed selection line and the tree tops. Do the same between the selection line and the inside of the borders, adjacent to the edges of the photograph proper. Each time you click a space, the selection line will move to include the new area, as is happening in Figure 4-17. You ll have to click several different spots before the selection spreads to all the area along the edge of the trees and the sides and bottom of the picture. Oh, and don t forget to click the small spaces in the trees where sky is poking through. They ll become a part of the selection even thought they re not connected to the main selected area.
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