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to create 50 frames, with 50 different destination MAC addresses. When a switch receives a frame with a unicast address as the destination, the switch looks for the address in its CAM table to make a switching decision. If the switch doesn t have the address in its CAM table, the switch will flood the frame out all of its other ports. If the address is found in the table, the switch will forward the frame out one port: the one with the destination address behind it. It s important to remember that you are dealing with a transparent switch when dealing with the forwarding process. Therefore, if the switch doesn t know where the destination is, and obviously the source is assuming that the device is on the same logical segment, the switch will have to flood the frame to ensure that the destination, if it is somewhere in the broadcast domain, will receive the source s frame. This process, hopefully, won t happen every time. If the destination receives the frame, the destination will probably send a response frame back to the source. Through the switch s learning process, it now knows where the destination is located, and any further frames sent from the source to the destination and back can be intelligently forwarded instead of flooded. One issue with this process, however, occurs if your CAM table is filled to capacity and your switch can t add new entries to the table; in this case, the switch will always flood traffic to new destinations that it couldn t fit into the CAM table. Therefore, it is very important that when you purchase a switch, you select one that will be able to handle the number of devices that you ll have in your switched network. You ll be creating problems if you have 2000 devices in your switched network but your CAM table on each switch can hold only 1000 entries. In this situation, the switches will be flooding traffic for half of the destinations, creating serious bandwidth and performance problems in your network.
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The following definitions of merge modes describe the effect you can expect; let s use source as the top object that takes the Transparency effect; the target is one or more objects below the transparency object that are overlapped by the transparency object, and the result is the color you see in your drawing in the overlapping areas:
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Corporate LAN Leased / owned point-to-point spans, 40 km reach (standard), over 100 km (proprietary) Data-mining warehouse
Prepare communication collateral, train field managers, and populate Web site with relevant content.
Table 30-1: Different approaches to QoS Strategy 802.1p Prioritization Description to control flows. The IEEE standard specifies a priority scheme for the Layer 2 switching in a switched-LAN. When a packet leaves a subnetwork or a domain, the 802.1p priority can be mapped to Diff-Serv to satisfy the layer 2 switching demands across the network.
Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
Cycloidal Modified Sine Modified Trapezoidal FIGURE 3.10. Continued
Asymmetry of color and structure Multicomponent global pattern (1,2,3) Milia-like cysts (circles) Pigmented pseudofollicular openings (arrows) Hairpin vessels (black box) Milky-red area (yellow box) Bluish-white color (stars)
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