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This calls the queue class s constructor directly, passing the value 101 to it. The object returned by the constructor is assigned to a. The second method is shorter and more to the point. In this method, the argument or arguments must follow the object s name and be enclosed in parentheses. This code accomplishes the same thing as the previous declaration:
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// Demonstrate insert and erase. #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; int main() { vector<char> v; unsigned int i; for(i=0; i<10; i++) v.push_back('A' + i);
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SOLUTION Applying (13.3) and taking s > a we have {eat } = F(s) =
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ARQ/ACF message exchange is required only if admission has not been pregranted.
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4. Click-drag the upside-down U path, starting at the path baseline, extending up but
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Runts. Runts are frames that are shorter than 64 bytes, and therefore are invalid on an Ethernet network. They can be the result of collisions on the network, or can be a sign that a node is generating short frames without padding them up to 64 bytes. Because runts often are too short to include a source address, they are very difficult to associate with a particular node. Jabbers. Jabbers are frames that are longer than 1518 bytes, and therefore are invalid on an Ethernet network. Jabber frames are also often called Giants . Jabbers usually are the result of a node generating frames outside Ethernet specs, or a faulty transceiver on the network. Bad FCS frames. These are frames containing a Frame Check Sequence that does not match the checksum calculated when the frame is received. Frames with a bad FCS contain one or more bit errors and are discarded by the receiving node. Bit errors can be caused by electrical noise or faulty terminations, or by a faulty transceiver or cable system component. Collisions also can cause frames to have a bad FCS. Misaligned frames. Misaligns are frames whose length in bits is not divisible by eight (in other words, a noninteger number of bytes). These frames usually also have bad FCSs and are usually the result of electrical problems on the network cabling, a faulty workstation, or a collision.
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public static void Sort(Array k, Array v, IComparer comp)
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bandwidth means less noise.
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1. You can require that a certain base class be present in a type argument by using a base class
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Point-to-point capacity expansion DWDM SONET OC-48/192 ADM
Cisco ASA Configuration
10- 13 Find J(sin
Ramifications of Content Protection
int main() { Base base_obj; Base *p; first_d first_obj; second_d second_obj; p = &base_obj; p->who(); // access Base's who p = &first_obj; p->who(); // access first_d's who p = &second_obj; p->who(); // access second_d's who return 0; }
Jitter sources. Jitter is caused by network equipment such as repeaters, regenerators, and higher-order multiplexers. T1 office and line repeaters will cause high-frequency jitter because the T1 pulses are regenerated at 1.544 Mbps, while higher order multiplexers such as M13 or SONET multiplexers will stuff bits at a low speed and cause low-frequency jitter. Random jitter (discussed in the next section) occurs sporadically and can be caused by various events. Random and systematic jitter. Random jitter is sporadic and may have both positive and negative components. It can be caused by network equipment failures and noise, as well as atmospheric conditions. Systematic jitter may be of high amplitude (because it accumulates throughout the network resulting from pattern-dependent effects), and presents a more serious problem. If jitter values become too high, the bit, BPV, or frame errors can occur, causing low throughput. 672411 jitter mask. Figure 7.25 shows a Bellcore 672411 jitter mask. If a network device is not able to operate without errors and has jitter input at values inside the mask, the device is said to fail the mask and might require service. If the device operates error-free with jitter values that exceed the mask, the device is considered robust. Eye diagram and jitter. Figure 7.26 is an example of what jitter looks like on an oscilloscope. It is evident that the pulses are moving back and forth in time, which makes
All lines are controlled by properties of the nodes they include, which are edited using the Shape Tool (F10). You ll find this tool, shown next, grouped with the Smudge Brush, the Roughen Brush, and the Transform Tools. Using the Shape Tool, you can change node positions and curve shapes by click-dragging the nodes, their control points, and by directly click-dragging on a path segment. While using the Shape Tool, icons appear on the Property Bar when one or more nodes are selected; you can select several nodes to change by marquee-dragging them or by SHIFT-clicking a few. These icons are used to set node attributes to Cusp, Smooth, and Symmetrical, to join node and break nodes to create individual path segments, and to create straight lines from curves Shape Tool (and vice versa) when you ve selected a segment or a node connecting segments. There are additional options and a bevy of functions on the Property Bar providing exceptional control and flexibility in your design work. In short, get to know the functions for the Shape Tool! The options are called out in Figure 10-9. Each of these buttons changes the selected nodes, lines, and curves in specific ways. The following is a description of what the icons do and what they re called.
Hybrid electric car sales from 2004 to 2007. (Source: Wikipedia.)
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The hub and spoke method (sometimes referred to as the star network) allows some added flexibility in the event of unpredicted growth or constant changes in the architecture of the network. SONET multiplexers can be hubbed into a Digital CrossConnect where it is concentrated and then forwarded on to the next node ( Figure 27-13 ). This is used in many larger organizations where regional offices are located and district or branch offices are tied into the network through the hub. Once again the flexibility is there if a major change occurs in the network architecture or in the event of major campaigns in the organization. Hubs will act as the cross-connect points to link the various echelons in the network together. These may be developed in a blocking or nonblocking manner. Typically, some blocking may be allowed.
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Assume you have a Sales universe in a test folder \TEST\SALES.UNW. Assume you have also developed a set of reports that access \TEST\SALES.UNW. You now copy that universe to production, \PRODUCTION\SALES.UNW. When a user accesses a report, the document will look for the correct data provider using a unique ID assigned to the universe. It looks for the universe initially stored in \TEST\SALES.UNW. If the production users do not have access to the TEST folders, then the universe is not found. Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence will then look using the name of the universe. As long as the document finds a universe with the same name, it will automatically access the new production universe. It s important to note that in XI Release 1, Web Intelligence did not behave this way and behaved differently than Desktop Intelligence. This has changed in XI Release 2, which once again checks data sources in terms of the universe name. In the longer term, checking based on universe naming can be a challenge, as the vendor supports multilingual universes. If the universe is not found, users will receive the error message shown here. Therefore, I recommend you use a test folder approach only if You do not have the resources or licensing to implement multiple CMS environments. You use inheritance to grant access to universes at the folder level and not to individual universes. You do not intend to deploy universes in multiple languages. To establish a test folder for universes, you create this via Designer when you export a universe. 1. From the pull-down menu, select File | Export.
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