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For a more in-depth explanation about how X10 software is set up and controlled, flip ahead to 15. A home LAN is not a necessity in a Smart Home, but it is a good thing to have. First, controlling your X10 devices will be much easier with a solid computer system. Second, if you have multiple computers and a high-speed Internet connection, building a home LAN is a great way to share the Internet connection. Taking the time to develop your home LAN is a good foundation on which to build your Smart Home.
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VLAN Overview
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The output, which is the same as the original version, is shown here:
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5. Next, add the file to the project by pressing Add. Your screen will now look like this:
Figure 6-12
If the two routers are running different RIP versions v1 and v2 you ll see output like the following on your router when running the preceding debug command:
1.00 1.00
5. Enter the IOS command that will change the device name to Perimeter : __________. 6. Match the following commands to their description. Commands: shutdown, show controller, login local, and clock rate. Descriptions: Shows if an interface is DTE/DCE; specifies the use of an IOS database for authentication; specifies the speed of a serial interface; disables an interface.
Notice one other thing in this program. The line
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