8: PerformancePoint Deployment and Security in Microsoft Office

Paint QR in Microsoft Office 8: PerformancePoint Deployment and Security

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22.08.The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of the sequenced ACL feature.
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IOS(config)# line console 0 IOS(config-line)# password console_password
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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Figure 7.38 Layered maintenance model used in North America, showing the Path layer and Line or Section layer. The Path layer provides an indication of error performance for the end-to-end service provided to the customer at either DS1 or DS3, while the Section layer indicates the performance of the previous maintenance section only, and thus is useful for troubleshooting and fault location.
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The shaded area is the only area between the curve and the axes. The area is
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The class is at the root of C++. Before you can create an object in C++, you must first define its general form using the keyword class. A class is similar syntactically to a
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Global Internet Applications
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6. Set the Distribution Agent Schedule to continuously. 7. On the Initialize Subscription page, shown in Figure 4-5, choose Yes, initialize the schema and data and select the option to Start the Snapshot Agent. 8. On the Updatable Subscriptions page, select the Immediate updating option. 9. On the Start Required Services page, displayed in Figure 4-6, the services that must be running are listed. Verify that the applicable required services are running on the distributor server. 10. Click Finish on the next screen to complete the wizard.
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Formula bar shows the WHERE clause
Create a Dynamic Type with dynamic
Recall that one of the benefits of KPIs over measures is that they can contain a trend. So far when dealing with KPIs, no trend has been apparent. When dealing with scorecards, there is a category in the Details pane called Aggregations, and this is useful for not just trends, but also for adding sums, averages, and so forth to the scorecard. Figure 5-21 shows a simple scorecard with a single KPI, Sales. This uses the same Sales Amount used in other examples, and the target has been set to Sales Amount Quota. Three years of data are shown and in each case, sales have exceeded the target. However, if there is a desire to also see a total for the sales for all three years, this can be achieved by dragging the Sum from the Aggregations node and dropping it on the scorecard. Notice this is simply a sum of the values shown and could just have easily been the average, maximum, or minimum.
char n_cs_precedes;
Pre-existing libraries can be used to create web applications.
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