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Table 2.1 Typical Analog and Digital Multimeter Speci cations
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Digital Photography QuickSteps
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MP3 A lossy-compression audio file format defined by the MPEG organization. MP3s do for audio what JPEG does for still images: they enable the audio to be compressed to different levels with differing degrees of quality loss. MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group, an industry standards organization whose role is to define data storage formats for video data (which also includes embedded audio data). MPEG normally refers to a lossy-compression file format defined by this group an MPEG movie is a file in MPEG format. MUD
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Table 3.6 shows reasons for failures during construction or by negligence in the eld. It is an area of weakness where expertise in construction techniques is desirable. Many failures seem to happen during construction. One of the dif culties is that construction practice varies from state to state and from job site to job site. Site organization is based on selection of one general contractor, who in turn selects several sub-contractors who have specialized in a particular trade such as concreting, formwork, steel fabrication, bearings, reinforcing steel, etc. Construction procedures need to be streamlined.
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Macro substitution is simply the replacement of an identifier with its associated string. Therefore, if you wanted to define a standard error message, you might write something like this:
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Training and Special Interest
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
// Demonstrate the relational and logical operators. using System; class RelLogOps { static void Main() { int i, j; bool b1, b2; i = 10; j = 11; if(i < j) Console.WriteLine("i < j"); if(i <= j) Console.WriteLine("i <= j"); if(i != j) Console.WriteLine("i != j"); if(i == j) Console.WriteLine("this won't execute"); if(i >= j) Console.WriteLine("this won't execute"); if(i > j) Console.WriteLine("this won't execute"); b1 = true; b2 = false; if(b1 & b2) Console.WriteLine("this won't execute"); if(!(b1 & b2)) Console.WriteLine("!(b1 & b2) is true"); if(b1 | b2) Console.WriteLine("b1 | b2 is true"); if(b1 ^ b2) Console.WriteLine("b1 ^ b2 is true"); } }
Leviton DHC X10 remote control and RF receiver
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Dynamic Range
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