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It is easy to generate (that is, it is a simple wave form). It minimizes crosstalk. It will work on most local loops.
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stress raisers. Incipient cracks emanate from these inclusions and enlarge and propagate under repeated stresses, forming a network of cracks that develops into a fatigue spall or pit. Inclusion location with respect to the maximum shear stress is of primary importance, as are size and orientation. 10.7.1 Melting Practice Both suf cient data and practical experience exist which indicate that the use of vacuummelted materials, and, speci cally, CVM, can increase cam surface-pitting fatigue life beyond that obtainable by air-melted materials. However, it is recommended that conservative estimates for life improvements be considered, such as a factor of 3 for CVM processing and a factor of 10 for VIM-VAR processing. Data available on other melting techniques such as a vacuum induction, vacuum degassing, and electroslag remelting indicate that the life improvement approaches or equals that of the CVM process. However, it is also important to differentiate between CVM and CVD (carbon vacuum degassing). The CVM process yields cleaner and more homogenous steels than CVD does. 10.7.2 Heat Treatment Heat treatment of cams is employed to improve cam surface-fatigue life. At present, no controls exist over heat treatment to produce a consistent, nished product. The thermal cycle is left to the individual producer for grain size and hardness ranges. Hardness is discussed, but in the case of grain size, lack of de nitive data precludes discussing here. Heat treatment is accomplished by furnace hardening, carburizing, induction hardening, or ame hardening. Cams are either case-hardened, through-hardened, nitrided, or precipitation-hardened for the proper combination of roughness and hardness. Heat-treatment distortion must be minimized if the cam is to have increased service life. Several hardening techniques have proved useful. For moderate service life increases, the cams are hardened but kept within the range of machinability so that distortion produced by heat treatment can be machined away. Where maximum durability is required, surface hardening is necessary. Carburizing, nitriding, and induction hardening are generally used. However, precision cams can be ensured only by nishing after hardening. Full-contour induction hardening is an economical and effective method for surface-hardening cams. The extremely high but localized heat allows small sections to come to hardening temperatures while the balance of the gear dissipates heat. Thus, major distortions are eliminated. Conventional methods such as ame hardening can be employed. Nitriding is a satisfactory method of hardening small-and medium-size cams. Distortion is minimal because furnace temperatures are comparatively low. The hardening pattern is uniform but depth of hardness is limited. Best results are achieved when special materials, suited to nitriding, are speci ed. Also, cam contour cross-sections should be thick enough to withstand distortion from heat treatment. Figure 10.14 shows the plasma/ion nitriding of a cast iron cam drive for the graphic arts industry. The glow is a result of the iron nitriding process. The thin dark line is a thermocouple wire utilized in the process. 10.7.3 Metalworking Proper grain ow or ber orientation can signi cantly affect pitting-fatigue life. Proper ber orientation can be de ned as grain ow parallel to the cam shape. Standard forging of cams as opposed to machining a forged disk is one way of obtaining proper ber
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Chunk ID
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Under the logic that each month is 30 days, the function should return 60 days for the two full months interval. It does not in this case because Excel looks at the end of the month and tries to fit the 28-, 29-, 30-, 31-day endings into some order, and somehow the 28-day ending is confusing it. We can help Excel get unconfused by bringing the dates into the beginning of the month, where the interval algorithm is more straightforward. We do this by adding the number 1 to the cell references. In this way, we also do not need to change the dates themselves: DAYS360 A1+1,A2+1 = 60 days Assuming that you are always using period-end dates, adding 1 to the components of DAYS360 is a good way to make sure that the function works properly.
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A second form of extern (which was added by C# 2.0) provides an alias for an external assembly. It is used in cases in which a program includes two separate assemblies that both contain the same name. For example, if an assembly called test1 contains a class called MyClass and test2 also contains a class called MyClass, then a conflict will arise if both classes need to be used within the same program. To solve this problem, you must create an alias for each assembly. This is a two-step process. First, you must specify the aliases using the /r compiler option. For example:
The output is shown here:
SSRC of Sender NTP Timestamp Standing for the Network Time Protocol Timestamp, which is a 64-bit field, indicating the time elapsed in seconds since 00:00 on January 1, 1900 (GMT). The most significant 32 bits represent the number of seconds while the 32 least significant bits represent the fractions of a second, enabling a precision of about 200 picoseconds. Using 32 bits to represent the number of seconds since 1900 might suggest that we will run into difficulty in the year 2036, when the 32 bits used to reflect the number of seconds since January 1, 1900 will wrap around zero. In reality, however, there will not be a problem. For RTP and RTCP purposes, the timestamp is used for relative time measurements. In other words, what matters is the difference between NTP timestamps rather than the absolute value of a single NTP timestamp. Assuming that consecutive RTCP reports are not decades apart, there will not be a problem. The NTP protocol version 3 is specified in RFC 1305.
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