7: Planning Module in PerformancePoint Server in Microsoft

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Figure 23.20 Demapping jitter characteristics.
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Describe the factors involved in normal bladder function
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When application programs are performing calculations, the results of those calculations need to be validated for accuracy and reasonableness, to verify that the application is performing calculations properly. Several techniques are used to validate calculations: Run-to-run totals This validates that specific stored or calculated data values retain their values throughout the steps in a transaction. This helps to ensure that no errors, tampering, or software malfunctions have occurred. Limit checking Results of specific calculations can be checked for upper and lower limits. Calculation results that exceed predetermined limits can be rejected. Batch totals When data is processed in batches, batch totals that are calculated at the beginning of the batch can be recalculated at the end of processing for the batch, to ensure the integrity of the batch data. Manual recalculation Certain transaction calculations can be recalculated manually by an analyst or clerk, and those manual calculation results can be verified or keyed into the application. Reconciliation When a set of records is processed that results in the creation of a second set of records or the next stage of calculation results totals from the old to new batches may need to be calculated to ensure that processing was done correctly and that no data corruption or calculation errors occurred. Hash values The values in selected sets of numeric or text fields can be rehashed at various stages of calculations, to verify that they have not been altered or tampered with.
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Generic Syntax
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where q = cam angle rotation in radians. However, since the cam rotates at a constant angular velocity, the displacement can also be written as y = g(t ) in and q =wt (2.2) (2.3)
There are dozens of companies offering SaaS. There are a lot of fish in the SaaS pond, and in this section we ll take a closer look at some of the bigger fish. They are all companies that you ve heard of like Microsoft and IBM, for instance and they all want their own slice of the SaaS pie.
// A safe array example. #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib>
Miscellaneous C++ Topics
The ColumnNumber function returns the number of a column in a table starting with 0 as the leftmost column and incrementing to the right.
Figure 10-2. An application with embedded addressing information
float* fp;
Now l H opital s Rule applies again to yield = lim cos x 1 . = 2 2 x 0 12x + 2
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