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Figure 4-7. Redundant SAN configuration
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Part I:
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Laboratory Manual
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Create a Web Photo Gallery
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Double-click to dock Click-drag title bar to move Close
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23: Address Translation
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In programming, one often needs to convert a built-in data type into an array of bytes. For example, some hardware device might require an integer value, but that value must be sent one byte at a time. The reverse situation also frequently occurs. Sometimes data will be received as an ordered sequence of bytes that needs to be converted into one of the built-in types. For example, a device might output integers, sent as a stream of bytes. Whatever your conversion needs, .NET provides the BitConverter class to meet them. BitConverter is a static class. It contains the methods shown in Table 21-13. It defines the following field: public static readonly bool IsLittleEndian This field is true if the current environment stores a word with the least significant byte first and the most significant byte last. This is called little-endian format. IsLittleEndian is false if the current environment stores a word with the most significant byte first and the least significant byte last. This is called big-endian format. Intel Pentium based machines use little-endian format.
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Inspection is critical to public safety. A problem of growing damages to bridges identi ed over time has resulted in increasing the minimum design stress for H-20 loading. 1. Older bridges were not designed to meet the new criterion. 2. More and heavier trucks are using our roads every day, increasing the rates of deterioration of bridges and pavements.
Media Access Control (MAC)
Obstetric Infections
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the Create Rollover button on the toolbar to let CorelDRAW know this is going to be a rollover button once you ve finished, as shown here.
Changes in Your Network
Performance Full-line rate acquisition Capture all errored frames Triggering
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