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TOKEN P ASSING If you are familiar with the 4- or 16-Mbit/s Token Ring LAN frame format, you are probably mystified as to the location of the token in the FDDI frame. Unlike Token Ring, which includes a token bit in its Frame Control field, FDDI uses a special six-symbol frame as illustrated in Figure 5.7. The token frame consists of four fields: a preamble field of 16 or more I symbols, an SD field of J and K symbols, an FC field, and an ED field. Stations that have data to transmit must first acquire a token. However unlike a Token Ring LAN where the token is , part of the frame and is transmitted within the formed frame, under FDDI the token is held by the transmitting station, a process referred to as token absorption. The actual period of time that the token is held is specified by a timed-token protocol (TTP). A station can transmit as much data as it has during its token hold time or until the hold time expires. Actually each station on an FDDI ring uses three timers to regulate its , operation. These timers are described in the following three paragraphs. The token rotation timer (TRT) is used to time the duration of operations permitted by a station. The value assigned to the TRT depends on the state of the ring. For instance, during steadystate operations the TRT will expire when the target token rotation time (TTRT) is exceeded. Stations negotiate the value for the TTRT during the claim process, which determines the station that will initialize the FDDI ring. This process represents an auction in reverse, where the station with the lowest bid for the TTRT time acquires the right to initialize the ring.
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Using I/O
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Figure 7-35 Connecting to the PPS Planning Server is the first step in using PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel.
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At first glance you might think that enumerations are an interesting but relatively unimportant part of C#, yet this is not the case. Enumerations are very useful when your program requires one or more specialized symbols. For example, imagine that you are writing a program that controls a conveyor belt in a factory. You might create a method called Conveyor( ) that accepts the following commands as parameters: start, stop, forward, and reverse. Instead of passing Conveyor( ) integers, such as 1 for start, 2 for stop, and so on, which is error-prone, you can create an enumeration that assigns words to these values. Here is an example of this approach:
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Verizon identifies these requirements in the context of its four key drivers for Carrier Ethernet Business Ethernet services, Broadband access, Residential video service transport, and wireless backhaul.
Examining the Palettes, Cruising the Menus
This program displays the following output:
The C++ Builder Integrated Development Environment
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Ubiquity and Simplicity
Choosing Export File Formats
Dermoscopy from A to Z
Vegetables (Las Legumbres)
Wilson v. Pennsylvania State Police, CA 94-6547, 1999 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 3165 *5 (E.D. Pa. Mar. 11, 1999) (U.S. Mag. Judge Hart) (citing Whalen v. Roe, 429 U.S. 599-600). See also In re Crawford, 1999 U.S. App. LEXIS 24941 *16.
1. (a) limx 0 (cos x 1) = 0 and limx 0 x 4 + x 2 = 0 so l H opital s Rule applies. Thus cos x 1 sin x = lim 3 . 4 + x2 x 0 x x 0 4x + 2x lim
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