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IP Addresses and Subnets The notation of an IP address is four sets of integers, separated by periods ( . ). The value of each integer may range from 0 through 255; hence, each integer is an 8-bit value. A typical IP address is The entire IP address is 32 bits in length. Each station on a network is assigned a unique IP address. Uniqueness permits any station to send messages to any other station; the station only needs to know the IP address of a destination station. A larger organization may have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of stations on many networks. Typically, a network is the interconnection of computers within a single building, or even one part of a building. Within a larger building or collection of buildings, the individual networks are called subnetworks, or subnets. Those subnets are joined together by network devices such as routers or switches; they function as gateways between networks. Subnet Mask A subnet mask is a numeric value that determines which portion of an IP address is used to identify the network and which portion is used to identify a station on the network. For example, an organization has the network 141.204.13. On this network the organization can have up to 256 stations, numbered 0 through 255. Example station IP addresses on the network are,, and A subnet mask actually works at the bit level. A 1 signifies that a bit in the same position in an IP address is the network identifier, while a 0 signifies that a bit in the same position is part of the station s address. In the previous example, where the first three numbers in the IP address signify the network, the subnet mask would be This is illustrated in Figure 5-21. Default Gateway Networks are usually interconnected so that a station on one network is able to communicate with a station on any other connected network (subject to any security restrictions). When a station wishes to send a packet to another station, the sending station will examine its own network ID (by comparing its IP address to the subnet mask) and compare that to the IP address of the destination. If the destination station is on the same network, the station may simply send the packet directly to the destination station.
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Figure 7-10
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Next obtain console access to your PIX. Reboot your PIX and break into monitor mode this is similar to ROMMON mode on a Cisco router. Either use the BREAK or the ESC keystroke sequence to do this. You have 10 seconds to do this when prompted. Once you are in monitor mode, you ll need to configure your PIX to download the password recovery file. At this point the PIX hasn t loaded the operating system and is not running the configuration file in flash; therefore, it is not passing traffic between interfaces. Here are the basic commands you can execute in monitor mode to perform the password recovery process:
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V Accelerating voltage (V)
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Report List This item displays a console page with a listing of reports that you can display. Remote Reports This item displays reports based on data from a specific agent database. You must specify a device name to display these reports. Wizards A wizard helps step you through a procedure, such as finding reports related to a specific problem. Pages This item displays a static console page rather than a report. These pages are used to specify company settings, upload reports, set user preferences, and configure the EdgeSight Server. Navigation tree functions The navigation tree can be separated into three functions, which give you a better sense of the depth of EdgeSight reporting: Remote Reporting This includes all items within the Real-time folder. These items are used to provide access to the wealth of real-time data within each device s agent database. This function also provides access to the real-time alerts. Historical Reporting This includes all items within the Users, Devices, Processes, and Sites & Transactions folders. These reports are further divided into performance, stability, and network data within each folder. Configuration This includes all items within the Company Settings and Server Settings folders. These folders provide access to all required EdgeSight Server configuration tasks. Menu bar Use the menu bar to perform common operations on the current page, such as adding pages to your favorites, refreshing page data, and printing pages. Filter bar The filter bar allows you to refine a list of reports displayed. After selecting a report, you can use the filter bar to further filter the data displayed. The filtering options include department, group, time period, process, device, user, site, and other data types. Report display This is where all report data is displayed; this is also used for listing reports when a report list is selected.
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The C# Language
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It returns the square root of the range variable. It does this by obtaining the result of passing the range variable to Math.Sqrt( ), which returns the square root of its argument. This means that the sequence obtained when the query is executed will contain the square roots of the positive values in nums. If you generalize this concept, the power of select becomes apparent. You can use select to generate any type of sequence you need, based on the values obtained from the data source. Here is a program that shows another way to use select. It creates a class called EmailAddress that contains two properties. The first holds a person s name. The second contains an e-mail address. The program then creates an array that contains several EmailAddress entries. The program uses a query to obtain a list of just the e-mail addresses by themselves.
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Figure 2.13 shows the same cabin light circuit in the form of a wiring diagram, using the standard component symbols listed in Figure 6-1. Note that the circuit load consists of lamps, which are nothing more than resistances that glow white hot. We could equally well have shown the load as parallel resistances, as in previFig. 2.13 Typical Cabin Light Wiring Diagram
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Self Test
2. Choose Environment04.jpg in the Import dialog, click Import, and then just click on
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Turbulent flow Fluid flow in which there are eddies: small currents that flow backward, or in a partial circular motion, opposite the direction of the overall fluid flow. Twist (Tw) The number of times one curve wraps around another curve along the entire length of both curves. Type I topoisomerase A topoisomerase that operates by a mechanism that breaks only one strand at a time and changes the linking number one at a time. Type II topoisomerase A topoisomerase that operates by a mechanism that breaks both strands of DNA and changes the linking number two at a time. Ultracentrifuge A centrifuge specially designed to spin at an extremely high rate of speed. Unsaturated fatty acid A fatty acid with at least one double bond in the hydrocarbon chain. Vacuole A giant vesicle. Vacuoles are often made from many vesicles that have fused together. Valence electrons The outermost electrons of an atom that can participate in chemical bonding. van der Waals force In this book, all molecular forces that are not covalent bonds and not crystalline ionic bonds. Some books may use van der Waals force to refer only to forces that result from charge fluctuations (dispersion forces) or to some other subset of noncovalent and nonionic bonds. Vesicle A small, approximately spherical, lipid bilayer container; also called lipid vesicle and liposome. Vesicular transport Transport across a membrane via liposomes that contain the molecules being transported in their hollow center; see also endocytosis and exocytosis. Voltage clamp A technique used in electrophysiology to measure and characterize electric currents across cell membranes by holding the voltage constant. Voltage gated ion channel An ion channel that opens or closes depending on the voltage across the membrane. Writhe (Wr) A measure of how much a particular curve does not lie in a plane or on the surface of a sphere (but rises above or below it). Wr 5 Lk 2 Tw. X-ray crystallography A technique for determining the relative positions of atoms within a crystal. Zwitterion An ionized molecule that has both positive and negative charges on it, but a net charge of zero.
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