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Operating in a hybrid mode occurs when users continue to run one or more applications on their local PCs (although the data may still be centralized at the datacenter). If pilot participants will be operating in hybrid mode, make sure their desktops are configured so that they know whether they are in a local session or in a XenApp session. This can be accomplished using application publishing (as explained in 13). Even if Windows terminals (also referred to as thin clients ) are not in your organization s application delivery plans, we recommend securing one for the pilot program. Because a Windows terminal is completely dependent on the Terminal Services platform to operate (although many of them have a native web browser), installing one contributes to a deeper understanding of the new platform. You may find that the Windows terminal brick has uses that you hadn t previously considered, such as serving as an employee s home PC. CAUTION: If you are going to have pilot users run legacy PCs, make sure the PCs are high-quality, reliable models (though they do not need to be powerful machines). In one of the authors projects, a teacher became frustrated because her extremely cheap PC s keyboard broke when she became a pilot XenApp user. Unfortunately, she had grown attached to her low-end keyboard, and despite our best efforts, we could not convince her that her keyboard s failure had nothing to do with Terminal Server. She ended up poisoning the entire project by warning the other teachers not to let Citrix into their classrooms because it breaks keyboards.
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Namespaces were briefly introduced earlier in this book. They are a relatively recent addition to C++. Their purpose is to localize the names of identifiers to avoid name collisions. In the C++ programming environment, there has been an explosion of variable, function, and class names. Prior to the invention of namespaces, all of these names competed for slots in the global namespace, and many conflicts arose. For example, if your program defined a function called abs( ), it could (depending upon its parameter list) override the standard library function abs( ) because both names would be stored in the global namespace. Name collisions were compounded when two or more third-party libraries were used by the same program. In this case, it was possible even likely that a name defined by one library would conflict with the same name defined by the other library. The situation can be particularly troublesome for class names. For example, if your program defines a class call ThreeDCircle and a library used by your program defines a class by the same name, a conflict will arise. The creation of the namespace keyword was a response to these problems. Because it localizes the visibility of names declared within it, a namespace allows the same name to be used in different contexts without conflicts arising. Perhaps the most noticeable beneficiary of namespace is the C++ standard library. Prior to namespace, the entire C++ library was defined within the global namespace (which was, of course, the only namespace). Since the addition of namespace, the C++ library is now defined within its own namespace, called std, which reduces the chance of name collisions. You can also create your own namespaces within your program to localize the visibility of any names that you think may cause conflicts. This is especially important if you are creating class or function libraries.
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Shortly after the introduction of CDs and CD-ROMs, prototypes of their eventual replacement began to be developed. Systems using blue lasers achieved four times the storage capacity, but were based on large, expensive gas lasers because cheap semiconductor lasers at that wavelength were not available. In 1993, 10 years after the worldwide introduction of CDs, the first next-generation prototypes neared realization. Some of these first attempts simply used CD technology with smaller pits to create discs that could hold twice as much data. Although this far exceeded original CD tolerances, the optics of most drives were good enough to read the discs, and it was possible to connect the digital output of a CD player to an MPEG video decoder. The reality that CD technology tended to falter when pushed too far, however, soon became apparent. Philips reportedly put its foot down and said it
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A number of considerations led to the standardization of C-tagged interfaces in IEEE Std 802.1ad-2005. One was the port blocking problem shown in Figure 13.6. The other was the desire of providers to offer more than just the port-based EVC described so far, wherein everything entering the provider bridge port is assigned to the same S-VLAN in the provider network. With the C-tagged interface, the customer can select from among any number of EVCs (up to 4094) using C-tags. Figure 13.7 shows a simple example of complex EVCs, with two customers attached to a single provider edge bridge. The provider edge bridge is split into two kinds of components, the S-components and the C-components. Each is, in theory, simply an 802.1Q VLAN bridge. The C-component is exactly the same as the customer s 802.1Q VLAN bridge. The S-component is identical, except that it uses the S-tag instead of the C-tag. As far as the S-component is concerned, C-tags do not exist; should it receive one, it considers it simply an untagged frame with an unknown Ethertype. The C-components that link to the S-component certainly can be physical, but they are usually virtual. In the example shown in Figure 13.7, the upper C-component is configured to pass C-VIDs 1, 2, and 40 over virtual link 1, and C-VID 18 only on virtual link 2. Also, this C-component is configured so its port on virtual link 2 emits its frames untagged, and when untagged frames are received, they are assigned to C-VLAN 18.
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8.1.11 Unknown Foundations and Non-Availability of As-Built Plans
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Technical Research and Prototyping, Project Planning, 56 57 58 Going to Full Production, The Development Contract, Stage 3: Production, 62
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y = f (x)
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TABLE 26.2 ITU-T Recommendation G.821: Error Performance of an International Digital
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Analog Measurement Instrumentation 574 Network Test Instrumentation
Law o f Cosines Referring to Fig. 8-11, the Law of Cosines is written symbolically as b 2 + c 2 - 2bc(cos A) = a 2. Small letters refer to the sides and capital letters to the angles.
New priorities
FIGURE 4.2. The 3-4-5 polynomial dwell-rise-dwell cam curve.
After iteratively evaluating alternative E R D s using the transformations presented in Section 6.2, you are ready to finalize your data model. Your data model is not complete without adequate design documentation and careful consideration of design errors. You should strive to write documentation and perform design error checking throughout the design process. Even with due diligence during the design process, you will still need to conduct final reviews to ensure adequate design documentation and lack of design errors. Often these reviews are conducted with a team of designers to ensure completeness. This section presents guidelines to aid you with writing design documentation and checking design errors.
Cisco ASA Configuration
Figure 12.23 Bearing seat extensions.
sequential file
1-9 convert the exponential statement 100= 102 to a logarithmic statement.
The value parameter is the maximum memory consumption SpeedScreen uses to store JPEG and GIF image data, measured in KB. The default value for this parameter is 16384KB (16MB). Administrators can use this setting either to limit the maximum memory consumption of the client or to allow higher maximum memory consumption when this is required. Increasing the memory consumption may provide some benefit on slow connections, where the transmission time for images is high. If images remain on the client for longer, then the probability that a retransmit of an image will need to occur is reduced. SpeedScreenBADecompressedCacheSize Usage SpeedScreenBADecompressedCacheSize=value Description SpeedScreen stores the bitmap representations of JPEG and GIF images in a decompressed cache. Using a decompressed cache means the JPEG and GIF images do not need to be decompressed each time they are drawn. Using a decompressed cache provides a significant performance boost when a page is scrolled because a scroll operation results in a number of drawing operations on the same image.
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