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Address Translation Types
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Connections with Embedded Addressing Information
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On December 16, 1994, Sony and its partner Philips independently announced their new format a red laser based, single-sided, 3.7-billion-byte Multimedia CD (MMCD, renamed from HDCD, which, it turned out, was already taken). The remaining cast of characters jointly proposed a different red laser standard one month later on January 24, 1995. Their Super Disc (SD) standard was based on a double-sided design holding five billion bytes per side. The SD Alliance was led by seven companies Hitachi, Panasonic (Matsushita), Mitsubishi, Victor (JVC), Pioneer, Thomson (RCA/GE), and Toshiba (business partner of Time Warner) and attracted about ten other supporting companies, primarily home electronics manufacturers and movie studios. Philips and Sony assembled a rival gang of about 14 companies, largely peripheral hardware manufacturers. Neither group had support from major computer companies. At this stage, the emphasis was on video entertainment, with computer data storage as a subordinate goal. Sony and Philips played up the advantages of MMCD s single-layer technology, such as lower manufacturing costs and CD compatibility without the need for a dual-focus laser, but the SD Alliance was winning the crucial support of Hollywood with its dual-layer system s longer playing time. On February 23, 1995, Sony played catch-up by announcing a two-layer, single-side design licensed from 3M that would hold 7.4 billion bytes. The scuffling continued, and the increasing emphasis on data storage by consumer electronics companies began to worry the computer industry. At the end of April 1995, five computer companies Apple, Compaq, HP, IBM, and Microsoft formed a technical working
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Citrix Presentation Servers require the use of the chfarm command to change farm membership. The following discusses the correct use of the chfarm command that ships. CAUTION Misuse of chfarm can corrupt the data store. Before running the chfarm command on any server in the farm, back up the data store.
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Private Networks Performance Testing 354 Local Area Networks
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You cannot upgrade servers running MetaFrame 1.0, MetaFrame 1.8, or versions of MetaFrame XP prior to Feature Release 3 directly to Presentation Server 4.0. These versions can be upgraded to MetaFrame XP, Feature Release 3, and then upgraded to 4.0. Refer to the Administrator s Guide for more details. Consider the following when upgrading to MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0: If MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows 2000 was installed with remapped drives, the COM + Catalog may have been damaged. To determine if the server is in this state, go to Start|Programs|Administrative Tools|Component Services. In the Console Root, go to Component Services|Computers|My Computer|COM+ Applications. If it is damaged, use the drvremap utility located on the MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows 2000, Feature Release 1, or MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 CDs. Use these steps: 1. subst C: M:/ 2. drvremap /drive:M /remap /com 3. subst C: /d 4. Restart the server. Refer to Citrix Online Knowledge Base article CTX240747 for more information. After an upgrade from MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows 2000 to MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0, the system cannot be downgraded. SSL settings are intentionally not migrated for security reasons. When upgrading to Presentation Server, reconfigure SSL manually. For more information about configuring SSL, see the SSL Relay utility s online help.
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chapter 8 T h e c e l l
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public int IndexOf(string str, StringComparison how) public int IndexOf(string str, int start, StringComparison how)
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11.6.5 Use of Shrinkage Compensating Concrete
The car was driven by that man. The truck has been hit. The driver will be arrested. El coche fue conducido por este hombre. La camioneta ha sido chocada. El conductor ser arrestado.
Disaster Recovery is a smaller place of business continuity that generally focuses on technology.
WCCP support is new in version 7.2 of the appliances OS. Enabling WCCP redirection of users web requests is a two-step process: Defining a WCCP server group Enabling WCCP on an interface
Design strategies must be included for client integration with local printers, handheld units, scanners, bar code readers, and cash drawers.
Event Type: Error Event Source: Citrix MetaFrame Conferencing Manager Event Category: None
Data and Observations
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