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printf("%s\n", s1); THE FOUNDATION OF C++ strcpy(s1, "This is a test.\n"); printf(s1); if(strchr("hello", 'e')) printf("e is in hello\n"); if(strstr("hi there", "hi")) printf("found hi"); return 0; }
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Part II:
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1. Collecting and Interpreting Data Draw a smooth line through the data points in
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Present participles may be used as follows:
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Editing Your Digital Images Getting to Know Your PC
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Figure 6-10 The Show Information options places a line at the top of the chart that shows the chosen measure(s) as well as any background filtering.
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1. Dispose of materials as directed by your teacher. 2. Return all lab equipment to its proper place. 3. Report any broken or damaged equipment. 4. Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the
Find the displacement, velocity, and acceleration equations and values for the 4-5-6-7 follower motion for a DRD cam that has a rise of 0.5 in. in 60 degree of cam rotation. Using Eq. (4.6) Cp = Cq = Cr = Cs =
Double circuit breaker
Light Medium
NOTE You can also copy the document to another public folder, assuming you have permission.
Customizing Macros into the User Interface
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6. Click OK to close the dialog box and apply the shortcut key changes.
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