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The following text describes the messages of Figure 6-8 in more detail. a. The call agent sends a CRCX command to MGA, specifying that a connection is to be created on endpoint 1 (EP1). The command also specifies the TransactionId (111) and the CallId (1234567). No BearerInformation is sent in this case, because the endpoint is specifically identified, and we assume that the bearer-related information for the line side of the endpoint is already known. If that
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One of the most interesting and important parts of the Internet is the Directory Name Service or the Domain Name Service . In short, the DNS system permits human readable names to be quickly translated into IP addresses that are needed to route the packets across the network. As is described in the addressing section, the IP address is structured by network and then by host. It is read from left to right by the router in trying to find the proper destination network. The human readable addresses are hierarchical from right to left. For example, take the address Bud@TCIC.com . First, we know that it is somewhere in the .com domain. If I am George@biguniversity.edu , I need to find Bud s address. It is very likely that the university has no idea of what the address might be. The local e-mail system therefore makes a query of the unnamed "." domain. There are several of these servers around the Internet, which are updated daily by the InterNIC as names are registered. There is some controversy over the InterNIC s absolute control over domain names. (Someone has to be in charge to prevent chaos.) To register a domain name, one (or one s ISP) must contact the Internic and pay an annual fee. (Prior to the commercialization of the Internet, this function was performed by Stanford Research Institute (SRI). There are proposals to open other domains (for example, .biz) and let other entities administer the names within that domain. Each country has a domain and administers these domain names themselves. All public entities such as cities, counties, and states are under the .us domain. Some of the country domains are uk for united kingdom, cz for Czech, .de for Germany, .au for Australia, etc. Each domain then has its own DNS server so when George is trying to send e-mail to Bud, his e-mail server asks the . domain for Bud s address. The . domain replies that it can only provide the address of the .com DNS. We then ask the .com DNS that replies with the DNS address of TCIC. Since TCIC is really under an ISP, what we really get is the address of the DNS server at that ISP. Finally, we get Bud s real address. Now, this address is put into the e-mail packets, and they are sent on their way. In addition, we, the users, never knew about all the fooling around that went into finding the address in the first place.
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1.8.2 Graphs of Functions
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