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13: Legal Considerations of Government Use of Biometrics
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Max. Moment HS-15 Truck 13.5 (L-1.55) (L-14)/L* (Kip-Ft)
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Although Example.cs is quite short, it includes several key features that are common to all C# programs. Let s closely examine each part of the program, beginning with its name. The name of a C# program is arbitrary. Unlike some computer languages (most notably, Java) in which the name of a program file is very important, this is not the case for C#. You were told to call the sample program Example.cs so that the instructions for compiling and running the program would apply, but as far as C# is concerned, you could have called the file by another name. For example, the preceding sample program could have been called Sample.cs, Test.cs, or even X.cs. By convention, C# programs use the .cs file extension, and this is a convention that you should follow. Also, many programmers call a file by the name of the principal class defined within the file. This is why the filename Example.cs was chosen. Since the names of C# programs are arbitrary, names won t be specified for most of the sample programs in this book. Just use names of your own choosing. The program begins with the following lines:
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Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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Increase Camera Sensitivity
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Here is sample output produced by the program.
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The architecture of using a three-computer technology is the result of many years of evolution and revolution within the computing platforms. The LAN emerged in the early 1980s as a means of moving away from control by a single entity known as the MIS department. As this evolution began, users were empowered to manipulate their own data, handle their own information, and share that information with others on a selective or exclusive basis. Because of this movement, a lot of pressure was placed on the communications side of the business to provide interconnection using a cabling infrastructure to the various desktop computers and departments that would be interrelated. Management saw an opportunity to produce ad hoc reporting, allow flexible data manipulation, and provide more timely information to managers and departments alike. As LANs emerged, they were primarily tied to a desktop and an individual server within a department. Later in its evolution, the client/server architecture started to emerge more strongly by allowing multiple departments within a single organization to fulfill their data communications and data access needs by accessing each other s databases or sharing the files they created with their customers. It is this sharing that created additional appliance affiliations within the different groups. The PC, as it attached to the network, enables users to store their applications and files on a single device. By linking these computing systems together with a communications medium, the user can best seek the information wherever it resides within the network. If a new application is needed, either a server can be adapted to fit that need or a new server can be added. From a communications perspective, devices have emerged that include e-mail within departments, fax servers for transmitting information directly from a desktop to a customer, and voice recognition and response systems that enable customers to call in and literally talk to the server, as opposed to having to talk to a human. Furthermore, the linkage of all of these systems through a communications medium is the glue that binds everything together. The PC of old, although structured as strictly a desktop device, has changed dramatically. Now, new features include the following
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Output RF Spectrum (ORFS) is a test for spurious RF signals generated in channels adjacent to the active transmitting channel. This test is appropriate for both GSM mobiles and base stations; variants exist for other TDMA bursted cellular systems. There are two distinct measurements, output RF spectrum due to modulation and output RF spectrum due to ramping (or switching). The modulation ORFS test is designed to detect spurious energy generated by the carrier being MSK modulated. The ramping/switching ORFS is designed to detect spurious energy generated by the pulsed nature of the RF bursts. Output RF spectrum can be one of the most difficult GSM measurements to visualize or understand. Matters are further confused by the fact that most pieces of measurement equipment display output RF spectrum traces as amplitude versus time at a particular frequency offset, not (as most would expect) amplitude versus frequency. See Figure 19.5. The measurement is made using a time-gated spectrum analyzer, set to zero frequency span, and tuned to the channel center frequency plus or minus an offset. The offset frequencies allow the analyzer to take amplitude-vs-time slices from the measured bursts at the GSM specified frequency offsets. A reference measurement begins the sequence by establishing the amplitude at the center frequency (zero offset). The reference measurement is used to convert the results at each offset to relative or dBc values.
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Copy Distortion Properties
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Night light
A video or film technique in which one image is superimposed over another. The most familiar use of this trick is in TV weather forecasting: the weather announcer stands in front of a blue or green screen in the studio, and the weather images are superimposed by special equipment anywhere blue (or green) appears, making it look as if the screen is active. Marketing Development Funds. This is money allocated by a publisher to help market a specific game. It s usually spent on advertising, special store displays, and public events designed to attract press coverage.
10.1 MANUFACTURING METHODS 285 10.2 MASTER CAM ANALOG DUPLICATION CAMS 287 10.3 CONTINUOUS NUMERICAL CONTROL (CNC) CAMS 288 10.4 MANUFACTURING ERRORS AND DISCUSSION 291 10.4.1 Structural Errors 293 10.4.2 Fixed Backlash Errors 293 10.4.3 Variable Backlash Errors 293 10.4.4 Miscellaneous Errors 293 10.4.5 Probabilistic Model of Cam Pro le 294 10.4.6 Manufacturing Discussion 295
2. Design as in Fig. 3.43b for this circuit if RL design procedure and circuit elements if RL
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4: IT Life-Cycle Management
Generic Syntax
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