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You will constantly be making configuration changes to your network to enhance performance and security. Before you make any changes to your network, you should always back up your configuration files. Likewise, before you perform a software upgrade on your Cisco device, you should always back up the old IOS image. You should check a few things before loading the new image on your IOS device. First, does the new image contain all of the features that your previous image had Or at least the features that you need Also, does your IOS device have enough flash and RAM to store and load the IOS image You need to check these items before proceeding to load the new image. At times, you may need to upgrade the hardware or add a new module to your Cisco device. Some devices require that you turn them off before doing the upgrade, while other devices can be left powered on. It is extremely important that you read the installation manual that comes with the hardware before performing the installation. If you install a hardware component into a device that requires that the device be turned off, and the device is running, you could damage your new component or, worse, electrocute yourself. Remember that it is much easier to restore a backup copy than it is to re-create something from scratch. Also, whenever you make changes, always test the change to ensure that your Cisco device is performing as expected.
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Writing skills Except for level designers, writing is the game designer s core task, the thing that she spends most of her time doing. A designer has to document her ideas, both so that the other members of the team know how the game is going to work, and also so that she has a record of the decisions she has made and those that she still has to make. Design documents must be clear, concise but thorough, well-organized, unambiguous, and above all readable. To be a designer, you must know the rules of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You must have a good vocabulary and the ability to write a clean sentence. If you ve learned a lot of shortcuts and funny spellings chatting online, unlearn them now. Cute abbreviations may look cool in a chat room, but they just make you look like a fanboy in a business document. Technical awareness A game designer who doesn t understand what computers can do, and more importantly, what they can t do, is going to create designs that no one can build and won t stay employed for long. You don t have to be a programmer by profession, but it helps greatly to have done some programming, even if only in a scripting language. Analytical competence A game is a system, a set of rules governing the relations between things like hit points, armor, strength, and so on. In order to devise and, above all, tune and balance such systems, you must be able to think logically about cause and effect. Game design is far more than wouldn t it be fun if It s actually much closer to, OK, so what s going to happen when To answer that question, you need analytical competence. Comfort with mathematics I m not talking about calculus or even trigonometry, but a game designer who has trouble with simple arithmetic will be constrained to developing nothing but adventure games. When 300 archers shoot at 500 charging knights at a distance of 200 yards, you must be able to devise a formula that determines how many knights will still be alive by the time they get to the archers. Aesthetic competence Devising the visual appearance of a game world is a collaboration between game designers and artists, but it s not going to be helped if you don t have any taste. Lazy designers copy what other games do; good designers create worlds with a fresh new look that impresses everyone. Research and study Designing a flight simulator Do you know the maximum level-flight speed, climb rate, and service ceiling of each of your aircraft If not, then where do you go to find out Designers must be able to do research, which includes using the public library as well as surfing the Web. Then they have to make notes about what they ve learned, and write it all down. Yes, that s right just like in school. But this time you get paid for it!
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When creating your own exception class, you will generally want your class to support all of the constructors defined by Exception. For simple custom exception classes, this is easy to do because you can simply pass along the constructor s arguments to the corresponding Exception constructor via base. Of course, technically, you only need to provide those constructors actually used by your program. Here is an example that creates an exception called NonIntResultException. In the program, this exception is thrown when the result of dividing two integer values produces a result with a fractional component. For illustration, NonIntResultException defines all of the standard constructors, even though most are not used by the example. It also overrides the ToString( ) method.
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CME s infrastructure is similar to many mid-sized and enterprise organizations. CME has multiple branches, a large number of mission-critical applications, and the perceived need for immediate recovery from business interruption. The apparent downside to CME s current approach to service delivery is that all of CME s eggs are in one basket at the CME Denver Corporate headquarters data center. Should a natural, accidental, or geopolitical disaster occur on or near this site, all 3,000 users will lose access, potentially forever. To resolve this problem, CME is building a remote backup site, CME Omaha (go Huskers), as the hot backup site. In order to minimize costs, CME will only replicate a subset of the corporate data center hardware to permit rapid recovery of mission-critical services and applications and allow managers to make an informed decision regarding permanent rebuilding of the entire corporate data center at the alternate site. In order to achieve this objective, CME has defined a prepositioned hot backup at CME Omaha for initial reconstitution (8- to 24-hour survivable), which provides immediate access for a subset of users while the corporate staff is moved to CME Omaha.
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Where friction can be neglected, the flow of an incompressible fluid is described by Bernoulli s equation. P 1 gh 1 (1/2) v2 5 constant (12-12)
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Console.WriteLine("Area of r1: " + r1.Area()); Console.WriteLine("Area of r2: " + r2.Area()); } }
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Figure 22-1: FDMA slotting Additional possibilities for enhancing security and reducing fraud can be addressed with digital cellular and PCS. Again, this appears to be a win-win situation for the carrier because it features:
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Implicitly Typed Variables
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A BinaryWriter is a wrapper around a byte stream that manages the writing of binary data. Its most commonly used constructor is shown here: BinaryWriter(Stream outputStream) Here, outputStream is the stream to which data is written. To write output to a file, you can use the object created by FileStream for this parameter. If outputStream is null, then an ArgumentNullException is thrown. If outputStream has not been opened for writing, ArgumentException is thrown. BinaryWriter defines methods that can write all of C# s built-in types. Several are shown in Table 11-5. BinaryWriter also defines the standard Close( ) and Flush( ) methods that work as described earlier.
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Optical Element Testers 652 Network Test Instrumentation
You Try It: Write the integral that represents the surface area of a hemisphere of radius one and evaluate it.
if(w < h) { v = w * h;
To write a byte to a file, use the WriteByte( ) method. Its simplest form is shown here:
Here is something that might surprise you: The contents of a string object are immutable. That is, once created, the character sequence comprising that string cannot be altered. This restriction allows strings to be implemented more efficiently. Even though this probably sounds like a serious drawback, it isn t. When you need a string that is a variation on one that already exists, simply create a new string that contains the desired changes. Since unused string objects are automatically garbage-collected, you don t even need to worry about what happens to the discarded strings. It must be made clear, however, that string reference variables may, of course, change which object they refer to. It is just that the contents of a specific string object cannot be changed after it is created. To fully understand why immutable strings are not a hindrance, we will use another of string s methods: Substring( ). The Substring( ) method returns a new string that contains a specified portion of the invoking string. Because a new string object is manufactured that contains the substring, the original string is unaltered and the rule of immutability is still intact. The form of Substring( ) that we will be using is shown here: string Substring(int startIndex, int len) Here, startIndex specifies the beginning index, and len specifies the length of the substring. Here is a program that demonstrates Substring( ) and the principle of immutable strings:
Simpli ed ISO-9660 le system
TIP Whenever you create a cascaded list of values, always check the Hierarchical view for
H.323 terminal, the gateway can issue a SIP UPDATE to the SIP client, including a revised session description.
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