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ArrayUtils.CopyInsert<string>("in C#", 1, strs, strs2);
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partial class XY { public XY(int a, int b) { X = a; Y = b; } }
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Voice Announce: Knowing who is calling is the most important criteria in call management. By knowing who is calling, one can decide the priority and nature of the call before taking action. Positive Caller Identification enables us to know who is calling, allowing us to manage and prioritize calls. Callers can be identified by various methods: o Matching the Automatic Number Identification with a database or personal information manager (PIM). o Having the caller speak their name. o Having the caller input their telephone or account number prior to transferring the call. Follow-me: Regardless of where you may be, you can be available to take that important call. Call Management enables you to take calls you want when you want them. If an important customer calls your office while you are traveling, they will be identified by the Call Management system and your Virtual Assistant will try to locate you by calling previously programmed telephone numbers in the Call Management system. You may have designated your cellular telephone as your primary call-back choice. Your cellular telephone rings, you answer, and your Virtual Assistant says, You have a call from (caller s voice plays). Would you like to take the call At this point, you can take the call, elect to send it to voice mail, or reroute to another associate. You can even choose to play one of many pre-recorded greetings to the caller.
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A number of modern papers have discussed the alternatives of rapid charging. The Japanese are perhaps the most forward-thinking in this area. In short, if charging your EV s battery pack in eight hours is good, then accomplishing the same result in four hours is better. Fortunately, you can use pulsed DC current, alternating charge and discharge pulses, or just plain high-level DC to accomplish the results. Unfortunately, you need to start with at least 240-volt AC (240V three-phase is better), and you probably overheat and shorten the life of any of today s lead-acid batteries in the process. However, if you design your lead-acid batteries to accommodate this feature (a larger number of thinner lead electrodes, special separators, and electrolyte), it becomes easy. Even nickel-cadmium batteries can be adapted to the
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and cameras.
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size 8D (220 Ah) and were bought for list price, less 15%. The costs (2005) assumed were: wet-acid $544, AGM $444, and gelled $308. The equivalent pair of 6volt golf cart batteries cost $180. Figure 3.17 leads to two conclusions:
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The cable television companies are in the midst of a transition from their traditional core business of entertainment video programming to a position as a full-service provider of video, voice, and data telecommunications services. Among the elements that have made this transition possible are technologies such as the cable data modem. These companies have historically carried a number of data services. These services have ranged from news and weather feeds, presented in alphanumeric form on single channels or as scrolling captions, to one-way transmission of data over classic cable systems as discussed in 13 . Information providers are targeting upgraded cable network architecture as the delivery mechanism of choice for advanced high-speed data services. These changes stem from the commercial and residential data communications markets. The PC and LAN explosion in the early 1980s was rapidly followed by leaps in computer networking technology. More people now work from home, depending on connectivity from commercial online services (such as AOL, CompuServe, and Prodigy) to the global Internet. Increased awareness has led to increasing demand for data service, and for higher speeds and enhanced levels of service. Cable is in a unique position to meet these demands. The same highly evolved platform that enables cable to provide telephony and advanced video services also supports high-speed data services. There appear to be no serious barriers to cable deployment of high-speed data transmission.
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Downloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill (www.digitalengineeringlibrary.com) Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
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The customer table in the Island Resorts Marketing universe is quite small (35 rows); however, for many real-world data warehouses and OLTP systems, the customer tables and product tables are fairly large. For this reason, universe designers should customize the list of values to shorten the number of rows presented to the user by adding a prompt. This is often referred to as a cascading list of values because two lists are linked to one another. There is no fixed limit to how many rows are reasonable; it s more a question of reasonable response time. For lists of values, aim for seconds, not minutes, or users may incorrectly assume the system is down.
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AS A MATTER OF FACT The makers of photo printers will tell you they print at resolutions higher than 300 dpi. But just as important is the newer printers ability to vary the size of the dots of ink they spit on the paper from 1 picoliter to 25 picoliters. (A picoliter is one millionth of one millionth of a liter. This makes for not only more control over shades of color, it produces a sharper image.) See Figure 6-2.
// This program contains an error and will not compile. #include <iostream> using namespace std; enum access_t {shared, in_use, locked, unlocked}; // a scarce resource control class class access { static enum access_t acs; int i; // non-static // ... public: static void set_access(enum access_t a) { acs = a; } static enum access_t get_access() { i = 100; // this will not compile return acs; } // ... }; enum access_t access::acs; // define acs
You will need to explicitly specify the type when the compiler cannot infer the type of a type parameter.
Timer.count = 10;
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