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The C# Language
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Provide positive reinforcement and appreciation for all demonstrations of vulnerability, reminding them that true strength includes showing one s humanness. Recognize and acknowledge them for their warmth, caring, deep personal power, and hard work. Appreciate the energy and drive that they bring to tasks and projects; at the same time, ask them how well they are taking care of themselves, helping them make a commitment to doing so on a regular basis. Help them savor the moments of success and pleasure at work as well as the contributions they make to others before they move on to bigger tasks, projects, and challenges. Be available to them on request, and af rm them for asking for support and assistance.
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CAUTION: The XML file you use to provision credentials contains highly sensitive user-related information. Citrix recommends that you delete the file or move the file to a secure location when credential provisioning is completed. After the credentials are added, removed, or modified in the central store, they are ready for use in your environment. When users start the agent software, the credentials are recognized by SSO-enabled applications and made available to your users. First-time users of the agent software do not need to perform initial credential setup if you added all credential information to the central store by the process of credential provisioning. If you need to manipulate the credentials of many users, consider using the Credential Provisioning Software Development Kit (SDK) located in the \Support\Provisioning folder on your product CD. NOTE: Adding, changing, or removing credentials from the central store can consume a large amount of system resources. Citrix recommends that you perform credential provisioning during offpeak hours.
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Flex Licensing
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There have been many connectors invented and manufactured over the years for different frequencies and applications, as well as to improve ease of use and performance. The following connectors are the most common found today for coaxial connections from HF to SHF: UHF Developed by Amphenol in the 1930s, the UHF connector is utilized in RF applications up to only 300 MHz. This frequency limitation is a result of their undesirable nonconstant impedance characteristics. Also called a PL-259 connector, it is operated in low-cost, undemanding service. N Developed at Bell Labs, the N connector is the foremost connector for test equipment and antenna interfaces up to 4 GHz. They are 50-ohm threaded units that are capable of operating up to 11 GHz. BNC Can function up to 3 GHz, but normally found on lower-frequency, lower-cost test equipment, as well as antenna connections. Both 50- and 75ohm versions are available. TNC A threaded version of the BNC connector, but designed for highvibration environments up to 10 GHz. SMA The dominant 50-ohm microwave connector, capable of operation at up to 20 GHz. They are quite small and have threaded connections. SMB Nonthreaded, push-on connector operational up to 4 GHz, and available in both 50- and 75-ohm versions. APC-7 A sexless screw-in, very high performance microwave connector qualified up to 18 GHz. Because of their very high cost, they are almost exclusively found only on high-end (Agilent) test equipment. 3.5MM A precision version of the SMA connector, it can function up to 34 GHz. It has an air dielectric for increased performance over that of the SMA type. 3.5MMs will maintain their operational characteristics for thousands of connects/disconnects. Wiltron-K A sturdy, high-frequency (40-GHz) connector that will also mate with the SMA type if so required. 10.10 Wireless Design Software
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Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators
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Multiple Subscribers Handed Off to External Network
Using this tool, you can draw new rectangles at precise angles, as shown in Figure 9-3. The rectangle you create is a native rectangle shape, meaning you may round its corners and manipulate it as any other shape.
policies, your changes to policies only have to be made on the servers, simplifying your administration. The two components of Easy VPN are Servers These devices have policies defined on them that are pushed to clients during tunnel establishment. Cisco servers can be ASAs and PIXs, IOS routers, and 3000 concentrators. Remotes These devices build IPSec remote access connections to servers. Cisco supports software and hardware remotes. Software remotes can be installed on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and the Mac OS X operating systems. Cisco also supports third-party software clients for hand-held devices like smart phones. Hardware clients include the VPN 3002, the PIX 501 and 506E, the ASA 5505, and the 800 through 3800 series IOS routers.
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