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Using a similar query from the eFashion universe, to create a prompt on the Year: 1. Select the Year object and drag it to the Query Filters pane. 2. On the filter on Year, click the Operand drop-down menu as shown earlier and select Prompt. 3. Web Intelligence creates a default prompt message. Modify the message or accept the default. 4. Modify the prompt properties or accept the defaults. A prompt generates the following SQL, which gets evaluated when you execute the query or schedule it via InfoView:
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Conformance and Interoperability Testing 122 Network Test and Measurement
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As mentioned above, employing a linear S-parameter-based program will supply the designer with information on the open-loop input and output return loss and impedance, as well as the gain and phase margins. These added functions will permit the engineer to not only confirm gain peaking at zero phase of the open loop, but also whether the input and output of the open loop are both at, preferably, 50 ohms. This will result in maximum gain and more accurate simulations. In addition, 50-ohm test equipment, such as a network analyzer, may be used on the physically completed 50-ohm oscillator for test verification. After this open-loop simulation procedure is accomplished successfully in the linear S-parameter simulator, then the loop may be closed (Fig. 4.8), and energy may then be tapped from the oscillator and placed into a load. The energy tapped from the oscillator, however, will decrease the available feedback from the loop. A series XL or XC of approximately 100 ohms may be placed at the oscillator s output, with a 50-ohm load attached, and the simulation attempted with the Spice oscilloscope and fast Fourier transform (FFT) tool. These software tools are connected to the 50-ohm load to confirm oscillation, output voltage, starting, harmonics, etc. (Caution: A Spice frequency source must normally be included somewhere in the Spice simulation, or the oscillator will not function just attach the Spice frequency source to the input of the oscillator through a series 1 megohm resistor to fool the simulator. Spice simulators may take 20 minutes or more of computer time for the oscillator to reach full amplitude; so be patient when employing such simulators within the time domain.) Figure 4.8 is using a series CCOUPLE to couple the energy to the load from the oscillator. Coupling out the oscillator s energy, without decreasing the feedback to excessively low levels, will be discussed later in this chapter.
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As mentioned earlier, it s not a good idea to resample an imported image so it s larger than the original, but scaling it so it s smaller usually works just fine. It s easier for an application to discard pixels than for it to think up additional ones. If you choose Resample from the drop-down selector and then click Import after selecting an image, you ll get the following dialog. Note that in this illustration the imported file size is smaller than the original; the image is to be resampled down (not up), and life is good.
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Table 4B.1 summarizes syntax differences among Microsoft A c c e s s ( 1 9 9 7 to 2 0 0 3 ver sions), Oracle 8i to lOg, Microsoft S Q L Server, and IBM's D B 2 . The differences involve the parts o f the SELECT statement presented in the chapter.
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other nonkey columns. To alleviate the 3 N F violations, split PatientTable2 PatientTable2-2 columns. contain the violating F D s , while PatientTable2-3
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Router# copy flash tftp Source filename [] c3640-js-mz.120-11 Address or name of remote host [] Destination filename [c3640-js-mz.120-11] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . 6754416 bytes copied in 64.452 secs (105537 bytes/sec)
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Figure 16-1. The Terminal Server profile path
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Flagstaff EAA
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Math Note: It must be stressed that, when we calculate limx c f (x), we do not evaluate f at c. In the last example it would have been impossible to do so. We want to determine what we anticipate f will do as x approaches c, not what value (if any) f actually takes at c. The next example illustrates this point rather dramatically.
9. Are the margins correct, is the paper clean (or the E-mail intact), is the envelope of good quality, and are all aspects of the communication designed to achieve its objectives 10. Have you looked at the document page by page to be certain that there are no awkward page breaks (for example, a section heading beginning at the bottom of a page)
uses graphics packages, such as Adobe Creative Suite including products, such as After Effects and Flash; must understand nuances of video, audio and the capabilities and limitations of the Blu-ray playback devices in rendering animations.
The C# Language
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can be over fifty years old. Additionally, even recent copper installations are inherently limited in bandwidth. Achieving true broadband speeds requires some means of combining multiple pairs into a common bandwidth pool. Once established, this bandwidth pool should be utilized in a way that maximizes the revenue potential for both individual services or customers and services delivered to multi-tenant unit (MTU) locations. Circuit bonding is a platform that addresses these network issues without adversely impacting the existing network infrastructure, and it can be used with both fiber and copper infrastructure. Additionally, circuit bonding can support clients with higher rates than the individual transport facilities. This capability is realized due to circuit bonding s ability to create a large pool of bandwidth between locations by concatenating multiple parallel transmission channels. By creating a single pool of bandwidth, the boundaries normally encountered in each channel are replaced by a single boundary equal to the total bandwidth of all of the channels. As long as a payload can fit into this concatenated channel, it can be transported and protected. This capability is particularly beneficial when transporting signals that have bit rates greater than any individual line channel, transporting signals with formats that are not accepted neatly into the transmission channels, or mixing different types of signals in the same system.
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