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lef (y ) - r 2 [1 + f (y )] r2
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Hardware Monitoring
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Application Accelerator
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This fragment first initializes to null the first 100 bytes of the array pointed to by buf and then sets the first 10 bytes to X and displays the string XXXXXXXXXX:
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Understand the basic functions of routers and routed and routing protocols. Knowing the terms in this chapter is very important: know what an autonomous system is, what administrative distance is, and what a metric is. Remember the administrative distances of the different IP routing protocols be able to pick out what route will show up in the routing protocol based on multiple routing protocols learning the same route. compare distance vector and link state protocol characteristics. Know how link state protocols operate through the use of LSAs and how they build a routing table.
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Figure 5-23 The indicators that come with PerformancePoint Server include a variety of graphics in both standard and centered indicators.
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Figure 5.1.7 Screenshot of the initial space allocation of the above-space utilities for the Camino Medical Group project for DPR Construction. This space allocation allows subcontractors to identify the general location of their systems which they can use as a starting point and is also used as a general guideline for the modeling effort. (Image courtesy of DPR Construction, Inc., California.)
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Executing the Password Recovery File
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A target incentive earning amount, such as a flat dollar amount, percent of base salary, percent of total target compensation, or percent of a pool of monies A quota An incentive formula expressed as a portion of the target incentive amount for percent accomplishment of target quota
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To leverage the Web, many BI vendors have re-architected their products. The industry still hotly debates Web delivery and authoring approaches. A browser interface is not always as intuitive as a Windows environment and lacks the maturity and consistent design of Windows-based applications. For this reason, Business Objects is continuing to provide a desktop authoring tool, Crystal Reports, for high-fidelity production-style reports, developed by professional report authors. Web Intelligence, meanwhile, is a purely Webbased authoring tool, ideally for business users who may not need all the advanced design tools that an IT developer requires. Yet to provide a certain amount of intuitiveness, Web Intelligence has two interfaces: an applet that has a richer design experience and a zerofootprint HTML version that is more wizard-like for basic reports. Desktop Intelligence, formerly called BusinessObjects classic, allows long-time customers to preserve their report development investments while offering a migration strategy. The user interface is only one aspect of a Web-based BI deployment that the industry and customers alike need to rethink. The other is clearly the architecture. BusinessObjects XI Release 1 (released December 2004) certainly was about integrating the Crystal and BusinessObjects product lines, but it was also about providing a scalable architecture for Web-based BI. As deployments grow increasingly larger, with 24 by 7 access, and no downtime, the architecture must be more fault-tolerant and use shared services (discussed more in 5).
The amplitude of the current is I0 = 2 Ieff = 2(2.6) = 3.7 A. Next, we need to nd the phase angle of the current. This is done by inverting the power factor. We add a negative sign because we are told that the device is lagging = cos 1 (0.7) = 46 Hence, the polar representation of the current is I = I0 46 = 3.7 46 The impedance of the circuit representing the device is Z= V 170 0 = 46 46 = 46e j46 = I 3.7 46
Table 7-1 Chunk ID values and chunk types
4. Uncheck Delete Original Image; you probably want to compare it to the trace.
22.1 Isomerism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 169 22.2 The Ripening of Fruit with Ethene . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 173
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