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The sample programs shown in this chapter make use of two built-in methods: WriteLine( ) and Write( ). As mentioned, these methods are members of the Console class, which is part of the System namespace, which is defined by the .NET Framework s class library. As explained earlier in this chapter, the C# environment relies on the .NET Framework class library to provide support for such things as I/O, string handling, networking, and GUIs. Thus, C# as a totality is a combination of the C# language itself, plus the .NET standard classes. As you will see, the class library provides much of the functionality that is part of any C# program. Indeed, part of becoming a C# programmer is learning to use these standard classes. Throughout Part I, various elements of the .NET library classes and methods are described. Part II examines portions of the .NET library in detail.
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Volume: 2 5 mL Concentration: 20 million per mL Motility: 50% should be motile, 25% should have rapid progressive motility Morphology: lower limit of normal is 10 15%
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33.4.1 SS7 Network management application
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Another factor that affects the noise of the receiver system is the antenna s orientation. If the receiving antenna is pointed more toward the sky (but not toward the sun) in order to receive a signal from a transmitter that is placed on a mountain top, as an example, then its noise temperature, and thus its NF, will be less than if it were pointed at the ground (the ground has an approximate noise temperature of the above-mentioned 290 K). However, even if the receiver antenna were pointed at the coldest region of space (to communicate with a satellite transmitter), its sidelobe reception would still increase its noise temperature. 9.4 The Complete System
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Figure 2-2 OSI seven-layer stack
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Microsoft .NET Services is a tool for developing loosely coupled cloud-based applications. .NET Services includes access control to help secure applications, a service bus for communicating across applications and services, and hosted workflow execution. These hosted services allow the creation of applications that span from on-premises environments to the cloud.
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Screen the call by a personal assistant Route the calls to voice mail Answer the calls
Fig. 15-7 A plot of a rst-order Butterworth lter.
DoS attacks involve an adversary reducing the level of operation or service, preventing access to, or completely crashing a network component or service. DoS attacks can involve the flooding of millions of packets or injecting code into an application or overrunning the buffer(s) of an application, causing it to crash. Appropriate firewall access control mechanisms such as packet filtering should be used to control access to a system and mitigate certain kinds of DoS attacks.
class that provides the implementation. Second, it is possible for a class to implement two interfaces, both of which declare methods by the same name and type signature. Qualifying the names with their interfaces removes the ambiguity from this situation. Let s look at an example of each. The following program contains an interface called IEven, which defines two methods, IsEven( ) and IsOdd( ), which determine if a number is even or odd. MyClass then implements IEven. When it does so, it implements IsOdd( ) explicitly.
Self-Referencing (Unary) Relationships
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One other consideration is the space that the graphics will use in the graphics buffer. HDMV has a 16 Mbyte limit and is restricted to 8-bit indexed graphics. Careful planning and creative authoring make this a workable framework but many large graphical elements will quickly consume the graphic buffer and cause a menu design to be very difficult or impossible to implement. With BD-J mode programming, the graphics buffer is 45.5 Mybtes for Profile 1.x players and 65.5 Mbytes for Profile 2.0 players. But these are 24-bit graphics with an (optional) 8-bit alpha channel. Good planning and clever programming will allow the creation of a great interactive experience. BD-J has the capability to dynamically load/unload graphic assets so this can be less of a restriction than with HDMV, although without proper implementation, the load/unload activity can cause the video playback to stutter. When you lay out a menu, consider interbutton navigation. The user has four directional arrow keys to use in jumping from button to button. Lay out the menu so that it is obvious which button will be selected when a particular arrow key is pressed. At the same time, do not forget that your disc inevitably will be played in a computer with a mouse interface, so do not rely on the user moving sequentially from button to button. In general, it is best to have button links wraparound, so when the user presses the down key on the bottom button, the top button should be selected. When the user presses the up arrow key on the top button, the bottom button should be selected, likewise for left and right movement. The reasoning is that it is better to have a keypress do something than nothing. The brief confusion experienced by novice users when the arrow key functions wraparound is preferable to the angry frustration of users who expect arrows to wrap when they don t.
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a group of web development techniques used for creating interactive web applications. By using AJAX, web applications can retrieve data from the server asynchronously. Because it is being done in the background, it won t interfere with the display and behavior of the current page.
If the above conditions can be satisfactorily met, the customer will feel better about placing orders or checking on the status and availability of products with your organization. This equates to better sales. Telecommunications and computer integration can therefore increase productivity and assist in increasing sales. Using the right technology in the right mix at the right time can enhance a relationship that is ever so fragile in today s competitive marketplace.
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