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If your robot has 10-inch-diameter wheels and the rotational speed of the robot is 300 RPM, the speed of the robot will be 9,425 inches per minute, or about 8.9 miles per hour (MPH). If you want your robot to move 20 MPH, this same wheel will have to spin at 673 RPM. This is one fast robot. After you have an idea of the wheel speed you want, you need to determine how much of a speed reduction in the power transmission you will need to convert the motor speed to the wheel speed. This is done by using a combination of different sprocket diameters, pulley diameters, or gear diameters. The speed ratios of a gear train are just a ratio of the gear diameters. Figure 6-1 shows a sketch of the same type of speed reduction. The leftmost sketch shows two gears in mesh, and the sketch on the right shows a belt/chain gear reduction. One thing to note here is that with the gear reduction, the direction of the driven gear is opposite of that of the driving gear. With the belt/chain system, the directions of both pulleys/sprockets are the same.
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Here is your chance to activate your inner guidance system and start developing higher self-esteem by completing this Life Compass exercise. Be sure to give yourself enough time to answer and respond to each of the following questions. 1. Do your actions and decisions diminish or increase you as a person In what ways 2. How do you carry yourself Do you resonate a high-road or low-road presence Do you walk with confidence Do you speak with confidence Do you voice your opinions If not, why not 3. Do you possess authentic pride in your actions and behaviors In what ways 4. Do you find it easy to speak of your accomplishments when you are asked about them If not, why not 5. Do you take comfort in giving compliments to and receiving them from others Or do you cringe when someone showers you with praise 6. Are you genuinely happy for other people s good fortune, or do you secretly feel jealous and angry 7. Are you overly sensitive, or do you laugh at yourself with ease and enjoy the humorous aspects of life 8. Describe your body language. Do you cross your arms and appear defensive when someone approaches you for discussion, or are your body language and tone of voice open and welcoming 9. Do you feel worthy of having good things happen in your life Do you attract good things to you, or do you attract negativity and crisis 10. Do you accord yourself generosity and self-respect If yes, explain. If not, why not Your responses to the questions in this Life Compass exercise will help you to quickly detect whether you are traveling on the high road of self-esteem and moving closer to your True North, or whether you are traveling on the low road of self-esteem and perpetuating an already low self-image and inaccurate self-perception. If you re traveling the high road most of the time, then you are doing just fine. However, if
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Figure 12-1
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The fields in the TCP header are 1. Port number. The source and destination port numbers are used to identify the listening agent that is using TCP to transfer data. IP used the protocol field; TCP uses the port number. The port address, in conjunction with the IP address of the packet, is refereed to as the socket. Therefore, in order for a socket to exist one needs both the IP address and the port address. Port addresses below 1024 are assigned by (or reserved for assignment) by the IETF. When you surf the Web, your browser always uses TCP port 80. One can provide Web servers on other ports (for example, port 8080, but to use that port, the sender has to specify the port number after the host name because the default is port 80. 2. Sequence number. The sequence numbers are not packet numbers, but rather byte numbers such that if there were 100 bytes in a segment, the sequence number will increment by 100 each time. This helps the recipient reserve the proper amount of buffer space if it gets, lets say, the 10th segment first. 3. Flags. The flag section is used to set up and tear down connections, as well as to push the final segment and get acknowledgements for the segments. 4. Window size. Window size describes the flow control window. Rather than the more conventional mechanism of on and off flow control, TCP uses a credit system where credit (in bytes) is granted to the sender. When the sender has sent that many bytes, it must stop. The recipient keeps this updated to provide for a continuous flow of data. 5. Checksum. As on the IP packet, the checksum is not a CRC, but a simple checksum, and it is run on the entire TCP segment. 6. Urgent Pointers. The urgent pointer points to urgent data (if any). Theoretically, this handles higher priority data within a segment ahead of normal priority data. 7. Options and Padding. Here again, options can be added to TCP. These fields need only be added when the options are present. The field is always padded to even 32 bit boundaries. TCP is an end-to-end protocol that makes sure that the data gets to the destination and in proper order. It accomplishes this by setting up a connection to the other end, much as X.25 set up a connection, except that it doesn t create a virtual circuit. Therefore, when you visit a Web site, TCP sets up a connection so that you reliably get a complete Web page. The page may consist of several segments and many packets, since each packet is about 576 bytes. After the page has been delivered and acknowledged, the connection is torn down. When you select the next URL or hyperlink, a new connection must be made. Remember that there is no way to know whether the user will select another link on that same Web site or a hyperlink to some other site. Some browsers provide indications of this connection process on the bottom edge of the browser window.
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16.2.2 Performance
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on a large number of IPSec tunnels terminated on the appliance. To see the VPN limits on your appliance, use the show version command:
*Equation 1: Maximum loss Equation 2: Maximum loss
R EMEMBER For clarity, the remaining namespace examples in this chapter show all namespaces
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All events are activated through a delegate. Thus, the event delegate type defines the return type and signature for the event. In this case, there are no parameters, but event parameters are allowed. Next, an event class, called MyEvent, is created. Inside the class, an event called SomeEvent is declared, using this line:
Loops occur when there are two different paths to accomplish one join. The following structure now includes PRODUCT_PROMOTION_FACTS in the Test Fashion universe. If users want to analyze articles versus time, there are now two join paths. BusinessObjects XI does not know which path to take, the one via SHOP_FACTS or the one via PRODUCT_PROMOTION_FACTS. Is the business question which products sold when or which products were promoted when The circular appearance of these four joins is a loop, which can give undesired SQL results, usually returning fewer rows than expected.
light sources such as laser. Distance also makes a difference in the amount of scintillation experienced, with shorter links experiencing less scintillation. Finally, good deployment practices can also minimize the effect of scintillation. For example, beam propagation over sources of air turbulence such as vents and air conditioners should be avoided. Similarly, installations that result in the optical beam propagating over the roof of a building can result in a lot of scintillation during hot sunny days and should be avoided. When installing on a building, the system should be closer to the roof s edge than toward its middle.
The focus in this book is primarily on delivering Carrier Ethernet services; the network and transport delivery infrastructure the Carrier Ethernet solutions, provide the carrier-class attributes that enable commercial Carrier Ethernet services. Often, the term Carrier Ethernet is interchangeably used to refer to both the Ethernet services and the underpinning enabling solution infrastructure. The Carrier-class attributes are delivered differently by the various network solutions (for example, how reliability is offered in one solution versus another). This is largely a result of their respective geneses and subsequent evolution. It is important to also note that some of the Carrier Ethernet attributes in a solution existed pre-Carrier Ethernet (albeit at the transport layer and not at the service layer) and were, in fact, initial drivers for the use of respective solution. For example, SONET offered impressive resiliency to any failures in the fiber and/or equipment deployed in a ring topology, so it was adopted to support mission-critical voice services that required stringent SLAs. Each of the Carrier Ethernet solutions and its respective evolution toward optimizing delivery in Service Provider networks is discussed in a fair amount of detail in Part II of the book.
} printf("Press any key to exit...\n"); getch(); return 0; } void ThreadToRun(void *num) { printf("Running thread %d with an ID of %ld\n", (int)num, _threadid); _endthread(); }
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