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Self Test
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The owner or document manager for the organization s business continuity and disaster recovery planning project should document which persons review which documents, and perhaps even include the review copies or annotations. This practice will create a more complete record of the activities related to the development and testing of important DRP and BCP planning and response documents. It will also help to capture the true cost and effort of the development and testing of DRP and BCP capabilities in the organization.
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The duty cycle is generally expressed as a percentage. For 10-percent duty cycle, the switch will be on 10 percent of the time and off the other 90 percent of the time. Fifty percent duty cycle will have the switch on half the time and off half the time, and with 100-percent duty cycle, the switch will be on all the time. Because the windings inside the motor act like an inductor, when the power is cut off to the motor, the magnetic fields inside the windings collapse. The changing magnetic field induces a current through the windings for a short period of time. When a source voltage (the battery voltage, for example) is pulsed to the motor, the motor will, in effect, time average that voltage. When the frequency of the pulsed voltage to the motor is high enough, the voltage time average will be proportional to the duty cycle. Thus, the average voltage is equivalent to the source voltage multiplied by the duty cycle. To produce the effect of a smooth output voltage, the PWM switch must be switching thousands of times per second. This is much too fast for any mechanical relay to function. PWM applications with relays have been attempted, with a switching speed of about 10 times per second, but this gives poor control and quickly destroys the relay contacts. Power switching at the speed required for good PWM control requires a high-speed, high-power transistor. Transistors act like switches or simple relays. They are reliable and can switch thousands to millions of times per second. Most transistors cannot handle the high currents that relays and solenoids can handle without burning up. The two most popular types of transistors that are designed for high-powered applications
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layer functions as well as part of the data link layer, and 802.2, which deals with the higher level data link layer functions. IEEE has continually updated the standards to support new functions in Ethernet, such as duplexing and higher data speeds. Both DIX and IEEE standards are discussed in this chapter.
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The coordinates of the center of gravity of the plate are given by ycg = xcg = rst x 2 1 0 xr(st )dx = m 2 m x=
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Fig. 14.3 MOSFET (IRF510)
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*Denotes activity with significant test and measurement content
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Let s first talk about Infrastructure as a Service. In this scenario, you re using the cloud provider s machines. Another term for this type of computing is Everything as a Service. That is, you are using a virtualized server and running software on it. One of the most prevalent is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Another player in the field is GoGrid. In this section we ll take a closer look at both Amazon and GoGrid.
Production Essentials
The transmission distances associated with the subscriber loop limit the amount of bandwidth available over twisted wire pair roughly to the DS1 rate of 1.5 Mbps. As broadband services become increasingly popular, the copper network severely constrains the broadband services. The current switched-star architecture runs at least one dedicated twisted pair from the central office to each customer s door without any intermediate locations available to unbundle the transport segment. This precludes a lot of the innovation desired by the end user.
house has: 2 floors 4 occupants 2500 total area 625 area per person office has: 3 floors 25 occupants 4200 total area 168 area per person
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pigment network (black boxes) and globules (circles). There is a small hemangioma adjacent to the nevus (arrow).
Microwave (9 minutes/day) Toaster (5 minutes/day) Blender (30 seconds/day) Coffee grinder (15 seconds/day) Refrigerator 2" insulation 4" insulation
Create double and string instances of Invert.
Applying Presets to Lines
2 +5
fclose(fp); return 0; }
Comparative and superlative adjectives agree in number and gender
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