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A checked block. checked { a = 2; b = 7; result = (byte)(a * b); // this is OK Console.WriteLine("Checked result: " + result);
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Kerberos and Delegation
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TABLE 3.30 Result of Enrollment
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Frequency Synthesizer Design
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scanf("%d%*c%d", &x, &y);
Service loop forming frame, one at each end
In the WebVPN attributes configuration of a tunnel group, the authentication command specifies that AAA, digital certificates, or both are used to authenticate WebVPN users. The default is AAA if you don t configure this command. The customization command specifies the customization profile to use for the tunnel group this affects the look and feel of the home page when they log in. You can also define this within the group policy in the general attributes of the tunnel group. The dns-group command specifies the DNS server group to use to resolve names to addresses this overrides the global DNS server settings. DNS server groups were previously discussed in the Performing DNS Lookups section. The group-alias command allows you to specify an additional name for the tunnel group that users might be more familiar with. This must be configured if you configured the tunnel-group-list enable command under the WebVPN subcommand mode of the webvpn global command:
General Instructions: You will find a list of True/False statements following each case history. Select any statements, which you believe to be true. There may be one, more than one or no true statements for any given case. Choose the correct risk, diagnosis and disposition for each case. Then, turn the page to find a detailed discussion and pearls for each case.
A fully autonomous robot, named 1BDI, built to compete in the fire-fighting contest. (courtesy of Acroname)
Application dependent (generally, larger frames are more network-efficient than smaller ones)
Categories of Computer Crime
Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference Directs the user agent to speak the text using the pronunciation rules for that element and its children. These pronunciation rules will be language-dependent and are not given in CSS. none Prevents the element from being spoken. This is accomplished by skipping the element entirely. This is somewhat analogous to the visual style display: none, which suppresses rendering of an element and closes up the space it would ordinarily occupy. By skipping the element, the time taken to render it is effectively zero. In order to suppress audio rendering of an element but force the browser to pause for the amount of time it normally would have taken to speak the element, see volume. spell-out Causes the user agent to speak the text one letter at a time, which is useful for speaking acronyms. For example, the speak value for an element containing the text "W3C" should probably be spell-out. In a sense, speak is something like display for aural media, although display can Note still be used in aural stylesheets. In the case of speak: none, it is possible that descendant elements may override this value and thus be spoken. In order to ensure that an element and its descendants are not aurally rendered, use display: none.
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