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Trunk and Extremities
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The C# Language
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If one were to try to summarize the essence of the class in a single sentence, it might be this: A class encapsulates functionality. Of course, sometimes the trick is knowing where one functionality ends and another begins. As a general rule, you will want your classes to be the building blocks of your larger application. To do this, each class must represent a single functional unit that performs clearly delineated actions. Thus, you will want your classes to be as small as possible but no smaller! That is, classes that contain extraneous functionality confuse and destructure code, but classes that contain too little functionality are fragmented. What is the balance It is at this point that the science of programming becomes the art of programming. Fortunately, most programmers find that this balancing act becomes easier with experience. To begin gaining that experience, we will convert the help system developed in the Try This sections in 3 into a help class. Let s examine why this is a good idea. First, the help system defines one logical unit. It simply displays the syntax for C# s control statements. Thus, its functionality is compact and well defined. Second, putting help in a class is an aesthetically pleasing approach. Whenever you want to offer the help system to a user, simply instantiate a help-system object. Finally, because help is encapsulated, it can be upgraded or changed without causing unwanted side effects in the programs that use it.
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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ciscoasa# show context Context Name Interfaces *admin Ethernet0/0 Ethernet0/1 CTX1 Ethernet0/2 Ethernet0/3 Total active Security Contexts: 2 URL disk0:/admin.cfg disk0:/CTX1.cfg
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6: Urogynecology
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Command Prompt All applications launched from within a command prompt are launched in the same user account context as the command prompt. By default, the command prompt is launched in the context of the Hot Desktop Shared Account, so any application launched from the command prompt is run as the Hot Desktop Shared Account. To cause all applications launched from the command prompt to run in the context of the Hot Desktop User account, add cmd.exe to ShellExecute section, as shown here:
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environment ____________________________________________________________
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Table 18-1.
Developers can suggest the following activities to Four learners.
The separation of the ships is a straight Pythagorean theorem problem.
some, and not all modeling tools facilitate the development of a design model into a fabrication (or production) model. A viewer such as NavisWorks will turn a solid model into a surface model; i.e., the solids will be represented by all their surfaces only. This translation allows the software to manipulate the information faster, thus making navigating through the model in NavisWorks faster and more practical for the user. The import of model data from a solids modeler will thus be limited to the 3D information that is critical to the functionality of NavisWorks; the nature of import and export functions between software tools is often limited, and relates to interoperability. It is the translator that determines exactly what information is brought across to the other platform, and how it is manifested in that new platform. Trial is the only reliable test of the utility of the translated format. This is why it is so critical to run a test simulation of all the processes anticipated during a BIM project; there can be no certainty Figure 3.2 A slightly more complex surface model. The wall and slab are now represented by two surfaces (and ends), as can be seen in the section view of a SketchUp model. (a) Note that the model without the section cut looks like a solid model, and (b) that the wall and slab are hollow in the section cut view.
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