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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Increase in Absorbance at 260 nm
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As mentioned, the programs shown in this book are available from Mcgraw-Hill s website: However, if you want to enter the programs by hand, you are free to do so. In this case, you must enter the program into your computer using a text editor, such as Notepad. Remember, you must create text-only files, not formatted word-processing files, because the format information in a word processor file will confuse the C# compiler. When entering the program, call the file Example.cs.
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NOTE C# 4.0 adds a new data type called dynamic, which causes type checking to be deferred until
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More Data Types and Operators
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EXAMPLE 2-12 A high-voltage transmission line with a resistance of 0.065 /mi distributes power to a load 220 miles away. Modeling the load as a resistor, nd the load resistance R L such that the power at the load is 500 MW. What percentage of power generated by the source is wasted as heat dissipated by the transmission line The power source is Vs = 300 kV . SOLUTION The high-voltage transmission line can be modeled as a resistor RT . The total resistance of the line is RT = (0.065 /mile) (220 miles) = 14
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4: IT Life-Cycle Management
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This is my first C++ program.
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Miscellaneous Functions
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FIGURE 8.2. Commercial roller follower (needle bearing) (Courtesy of McGill Manufacturing Co., South Bend, Indiana).
Field Inspection and Structural Evaluation
Here, sqrs[0][0] contains 1, sqrs[0][1] contains 1, sqrs[1][0] contains 2, sqrs[1][1] contains 4, and so forth. When initializing a multidimensional array, you may add braces around the initializers for each dimension. This is called subaggregate grouping. For example, here is another way to write the preceding declaration:
Materials Asphalt cement, epoxy or polymer concrete Concrete, LMC, epoxy or polymer concrete Cement mortar Bituminous Elastomeric sealer Flexible epoxy mortar Steel wire or rod membrane/special mortar
// Use a map to create a phone directory. #include <iostream> #include <map> #include <cstring> using namespace std; class name { char str[40]; public: name() { strcpy(str, ""); } name(char *s) { strcpy(str, s); } char *get() { return str; } }; // Must define less than relative to name objects. bool operator<(name a, name b) { return strcmp(a.get(), b.get()) < 0; } class phoneNum { char str[80]; public: phoneNum() { strcmp(str, ""); } phoneNum(char *s) { strcpy(str, s); } char *get() { return str; } };
With only two weeks before the actual contest, two members of the TLC Robotica team came out to shoot some film footage of the building of our robot. Up until the day they came, we scrambled to get our machine put together. Around midnight the night before the Robotica team arrived, we fired up the robot for the first time. It went forward about 3 feet and then reversed its path just fine then it died. We were, of course, concerned about this little setback. When looking at the motors, we discovered that one of my custom-machined shaft adapters failed. One of the primary goals of this robot was to be able to rapidly fix parts that break. So we didn t want a permanent adapter attached to the threaded output shaft of the drill motor and the sprocket shaft. What I made was an adapter that was pinned to the sprocket shaft. The other end of the adapter was threaded, and then a slot was cut down the length of the threads. The adapter was screwed onto the motor shaft, and a split collar was placed on the adapter and tightened down. I figured that this should work. Dave didn t think it would. When we took it apart, we discovered that it did not unscrew itself off the shaft. Instead, all the threads inside the 304 stainless steel adapter were sheared off. Although my idea of making the adapter worked, ultimately the material failed. Since TLC was coming the next morning, we put on the spare adapter and parked the robot under a table at our office. Since we left everything put together, and only disconnected the wires from the batteries, we put a sign on the robot that said Do Not Touch Live Wires (the batteries were exposed and we didn t want anyone touching the robot). The next morning, everyone at work kept asking us why we named the robot Live Wires. After a while, I asked why everyone thought the robot was named Live Wires They said the sign on the robot said not to touch Live Wires. I told them that wasn t the robot s name, it was a sign warning everyone to avoid getting shocked because the wires were live. Although we didn t intend that to be the name, we now had a moniker for our bot. Figure 14-11 shows how Live Wires looked right before the TLC folks showed up. When they arrived with their camera running, we hand carried the robot outside, set up an empty 55-gallon drum, and put up a few traffic cones for a show. When they asked us to show off the robot, we hooked up the batteries and turned on the transmitter. At this point, I was biting my lip, expecting to see the same type of failure I saw the night before. I pushed the throttle forward, and the robot took
SS7 Interconnection
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