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5.424 QAM-64 modulation resulted from early digital transmission methods used in computer telephone modem development. This development resulted in higher modem equivalent bit rates such as 14.4 Kbps to 28.8 Kbps, which should be familiar to many of us. QAM method of modulation uses both phase and amplitude modulation to achieve high bit-rate transmission. As an example, a short study of QAM-16 will demonstrate the method QAM. A block diagram of a QAM-16 modulator is shown in Figure 5-30. The incoming bit rate is divided by two into I and Q channels. Two bits each are fed to the two, four-level PAM converters in each of the I and Q channels, where they are AM-modulated to an in-phase ( I ) or to 90 shifted ( Q ) carriers. The output signal is formed by summing the output of the I and Q channels. The constellation diagram for QAM-16 is shown in Figure 5-31. This example demonstrates the principles of operation for QAM digital modulation. QAM-64, which has been selected by the cable television industry as appropriate for transmission through ampli er cascades of a coaxial cable system, has more phases and amplitudes and operates similarly to QAM-16. QAM-64 has a dense constellation diagram and is more dif cult to analyze. Cable systems will require QAM-64 modulation
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Weapons Systems for Your Robot
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The C# Language
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A 54-year-old man had this lesion on his penis for several years without symptoms or any changes. Fat-fingers diagnose a pigmented seborrheic keratosis. The homogeneous pattern diagnoses a lentigo. Irregular brown globules put a melanocytic lesion in the differential diagnosis. Nonhomogeneous hyperpigmentation with a bluish-white tinge, irregular brown globules, and irregular streaks put melanoma in the differential diagnosis. 5. Without banal criteria a histopathologic diagnosis is indicated. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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hello there This is on line 11. This follows on line 12. This follows on line 13. Figure 21-1.
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Helping a Client Understand and Identify Controls Client management often has the obligation of writing and maintaining their lists of control objectives and control activities. In these situations, auditors often still need to evaluate whether the provided control structure is sound and pertinent to the goals of the audit. When coming into a new organization as an IS auditor, one must keep in mind that not all organizations employ the skills to understand, identify, and document controls. Client organizations may be seeking the assistance of outside auditors to update or even write their controls documentation. If this is the case, auditors should make sure the engagement letter identifies this service. Certain engagements, such as SAS 70s, agreed-upon procedures (AUPs), and external (outsourced) SOX testing, presume management owns and maintains controls documentation. If a client is seeking these services, the burden is upon client management to have controls identified and documented. These engagements involve testing management s controls. If management does not have a control structure (which happens), these engagements can run into problems. Consider the following examples: A company is undergoing their first SAS 70. They are responsible for providing the controls structure for testing, as well as writing Section 2, which is management s representation of controls. They are a smaller, growing company and don t have controls experience in-house. They have agreed with a partner, acquiring company, or a potential client that they will perform an SAS 70. They figure the auditors they have hired will help them get through a process they have yet to understand. A bank has had trouble with an information system conversion. They have data problems, and outside parties have concerns. The bank hires a third-party auditor to perform agreed-upon procedures on converted data, but the auditor is not sure what they need to test. An internal audit department has relied upon external IS auditors. Since their last testing, a new ERP system has recently been implemented, but controls documentation has not been updated to reflect current controls. Deadlines require testing be completed soon, so they line up auditors to perform the testing, though their controls are not current. In these situations, the client may presume the auditors will write the controls that will help them through the process. In the internal audit example, the burden of working with outdated controls may introduce problems meeting the deadline and may introduce problems when attesting to controls over a defined period. Moreover, in the SAS 70 and agreed-upon procedures examples, there is a line an auditor must not cross. Auditors are not permitted to test controls they have designed. However, there is no conflict if the auditor advises the client management on controls wording and management comes up with the controls.
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Standards encompass such things as communications protocols (like X10 and the Internet Protocol), and they also include hardware such as telephone jacks and coaxial cable. Understanding these products will help you appreciate how they work in conjunction with your overall Smart Home design and construction.
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Table 6.3 Maximum live load moments and shear forces for HS-15 truck single, span only (alternate lane loads apply). HS-15 Truck Moments Span Length (Feet) Small spans 30 40 Medium spans 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 Long spans 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 1547.3 1682.1 1856.3 2076.0 Lane load governs 2307.8 2551.5 2807.3 3075 60.3 62.7 65.1 67.5 50.7 53.1 55.5 57.9 Lane load governs 470.9 604.9 739.2 873.7 1008.3 1143.0 1277.7 1412.5 470.93 604.96 739.26 873.74 1008.33 1143.00 1277.74 1412.52 43.9 45.6 46.8 47.7 48.4 49.0 49.4 49.8 43.92 45.6 46.8 47.7 48.4 48.96 49.42 49.8 211.6 337.4 204.84 337.40 37.2 41.4 37.2 41.4 AASHTO LL M max = 13.5 (L-1.55) Moment (Kip-Ft) (L-14)/L* (Kip-Ft) HS-15 Truck Shear AASHTO Reaction/Shear Force (Kips) Vmax = 18 (3L-28)/L (Kips)
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2. Observing and Inferring Did one organism break down the oil better than the other organism
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Introducing the Standard Template Library
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The minimum data frame size is 24 bytes, and the maximum is 1616 bytes if jumbo frames are not supported and 9216 bytes if jumbo frames are supported. The minimum control frame size is 24 bytes and the maximum is 1616 bytes, no jumbo control frames are defined. Figure 12.18 illustrates the data frame options and shows the HEC and FCS error coverage. The extended frame option is used for bridging. Figure 12.19 illustrates the control frame formats and the control type values. DA and SA are 48-bit fields that specifies the destination and source stations for the frame. These fields contain individual 48-bit MAC address as specified in IEEE. The flood indication is used to avoid persistent flooding in bridged applications of RPR. Flooded frames are forwarded to the client bridge entity regardless of their destination address. The passed source bit is used by wrapping systems (along with other fields) to prevent frame misorder and duplication by preventing the frame from being wrapped more than two times by the wrapping network. It is set to 0 when a frame is first transmitted by a station and set to 1 when a wrapped frame (i.e., a frame traveling on the secondary ringlet) passes the source station. A frame with a bad HEC is discarded since the header information is corrupted and no reliable delivery of the frame can be assured. A data frame with a bad FCS is not discarded on transit, but it is stomped by the first station detecting a bad FCS to avoid multiple counting of the same errored frame in different stations along the transit path. A station receiving a frame with a corrupted FCS may decide to accept it or discard it, according to a configuration parameter. Accepting a frame with corrupted FCS may be of value for services such as TDM pseudo wire emulation, where some bit errors may be tolerated.
Figure 7.25 Here is an example of the Bellcore 62411 Jitter Mask. Note that wideband jitter is from 10 hz to 40 KHz, while highband jitter is from 8 KHz to 40 KHz.
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Object Initializers
1. With an object selected, choose Edit | Symbol | New Symbol. 2. In the Create New Symbol box, type a name you ll remember later in the Name field
The SVC client was the Cisco original network-layer WebVPN client; it has been supplanted by the AnyConnect client. This book focuses only on the use of the AnyConnect client; however, the preparation performed on the ASA for either client is basically the same. The AnyConnect client requires that Java or ActiveX be preinstalled on the user s desktop. NOTE Cisco doesn t charge money for the client itself; instead, the number of SSL tunnels is controlled by the license installed on the ASA.
Optical amplifiers The development of wideband optical amplifiers has been another key driver of DWDM growth, most notably C- and L-band erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) [1]. These devices deliver vast improvements in span lengths and curtail the need for costly per-channel electronic (SONET/SDH) regeneration. The net result has been a tremendous reduction in the cost-per-bit-per-mile. For example, commercial EDFA solutions offer very good noise/gain flatness across the C- and L-bands and increased 200 600 km reach. In addition some vendors also offer smaller, more cost-effective, subband EDFA devices to boost smaller wavelength groups, i.e., amplets. Moreover, many new designs also feature fully integrated automatic gain control (AGC) power balancing. Overall, the inherent transparency of optical amplification facilitates the coexistence of multiple protocol types over a single fiber-plant a huge advantage. Note that many researchers today are also studying wider-band Raman amplification, albeit the costs are notably higher. Filters Filtering plays a vital role in extracting individual DWDM wavelength channels from SMF cables, i.e., multiplex, demultiplex, and bypass operations. Currently, three key types of passive (or nonpowered) filtering technologies are in use thin-film, planar waveguide, and fiber-gratings. Thin-film filters are ideal for wider channel spacings (100, 200 GHz) and exhibit good temperature stability and passband isolation. Meanwhile, increased C- and L-band densities and larger channel counts can be achieved using planar waveguide devices such as arrayed waveguide gratings (AWG) or fiber-grating filters. Examples include 40 channels at 100 GHz/0.8 nm or 80 channels at 50 GHz/0.4 nm. Optical switches All-optical switches are crucial for implementing spatial interconnection in a dynamic manner, for example, for connection routing, protection, and so on. To date, numerous switching technologies have been developed including micro electro-mechanical system (MEMS), lithium niobate, semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) gate, beamsteering, liquid crystal, bubblejet, and so on [1]. In particular, two- and three-dimensional MEMS designs have gained the most attention, yielding submillisecond switching times and low crosstalk levels. However, port count scalability remains a key challenge (see also Mesh Switching) and future integration strategies are expected to provide much improvement here.
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