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The MEF has provided the industry s first formal definition of CESoE that covers the ability to deliver both PDH services (e.g., N 64 kbit/s, T1, E1, T3, and E3) and SONET/ SDH services (STS-1, STS-3, STS-3c, STS-12, STS-12c, and European equivalents). The MEF 3 specifications address the types of CES that can be offered over a Service Provider enabled Carrier Ethernet network (using EVCs) and also the requirements of these services. The specifications basically enable the support of traditional TDM handoffs to customer s voice equipment. Voice is by far the dominating application requiring underlying TDM circuitswitched services.
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Balance sheet
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2BASE-TL offers a nominal symmetric bandwidth of at least 2 Mbps in a typical noise environment at reasonable distances. 2BASE-TL is based on the same physical layer
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the number of atoms lost by the anode to that gained by the cathode.
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ciscoasa# dir cache:/stc/profiles Directory of cache:/stc/profiles/ 0 ---- 6424 15:37:15 May 19 2008 2189312 bytes total (2144993280 bytes free)
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12.00 0.02 2.00 0.02 0.05 1.30 4.00 0.25 1.00 10.00 0.02 4.00 2.00 0.05
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ciscoasa(config)# filter https {[port_#[-port+#] | except} internal_IP_addr subnet_mask external_IP_addr subnet_mask [allow]
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correction codes, and performing channel modulation. Sometimes used in a more general sense to include the encoding and authoring process. prepared video Content very similar to what would be pre-recorded onto a manufactured disc, but designed for electronic distribution and subsequent recording onto recordable media. Used by AACS for applications such as electronic sell-through (EST) and manufacturing on demand (MOD). Presentation Graphics One of the two BD graphic place. The Presentation Graphics data stream ise used in both HDMV and BD-J more for subtitles and animated graphics. The primary video plane and the Presentation Graphics plane are combined by BD-J into the HAVi HVideoDevice. Compare to Interactive Graphics. Primary Audio The audio stream associated with the BD Primary Video stream. Comes from the disc or from Local Storage. Primary Video The video stream for the main program in BD playback, displayed full-screen. PRML Partial response maximum likelihood. A method for converting the analog signal from the pickup head of a BD drive into a digital signal. BD uses a Viterbi decoder for PRML. professional mode Mode used when an AC-3 encoded bitstream is output to a single channel of an AES/EBU two channel system. profile 1) In MPEG-2, profiles specify syntax and processes such as picture types, scalability, and extensions. Compare to level. 2) In BD, profiles define minimum sets of player features. 3) In GEM, profiles define sets of features (and targets refer to deployment scenarios). Profile 1 The original standard BD player class. Also known as Initial Standard Profile. Only allowed for players manufactured before November 1, 2007. Profile 1.1 The standard BD player class. Also known as Final Standard Profile or Bonus View. Adds features such as PIP to Profile 1. Profile 2 The enhanced BD player class. Also known as BD Live. Adds features such as a network connection and streaming video (Progressive PlayList) to Profile 1.1. Profile 3 The audio-only BD player class. Although it comes after Profile 2, Profile 3 is a subset of Profile 1, designed for BD audio playback in environments without a video screen, such as a car or small, portable player. Profile 4 Real-time recording and editing format (RREF) for BD-RE v3. Progressive PlayList A simple Internet streaming mechanism that uses a PlayList of small clips that are downloaded to the Binding Unit Data Area during playback and accessed through the Virtual File System. progressive scan A video scanning system that displays all lines of a frame in one pass. Contrast with interlaced scan. prohibit RMTR Prohibit repeated minimum transition run length. A data modulation technique that limits the number of consecutive minimum run lengths (2T) to six, which avoids low signal levels and improves readout performance. psychoacoustic See perceptual encoding. PTP See Parallel Track Path. PTS MPEG presentation time stamp. A time reference that tells the decoder when to present a video frame for display (or an audio block). PTS and DTS values reside in the packet header. PUH Pickup head. The assembly of optics and electronics that reads data from a disc. PVAS AACS Prepared Video Authorization Server. QCIF Quarter common intermediate format. Video resolution of 176 144. quantization levels The predetermined levels at which an analog signal can be sampled as determined by the resolution of the analog-to-digital converter (in bits per sample); or the number of bits stored for the sampled signal.
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Reviewing the Report
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Implementing IComparable for Non-Generic Collections
Cloud computing is constantly evolving, so keeping up on what s new is essential. Table A-2 contains a list of cloud computing resources available on the World Wide Web.
1. Scour critical bridges typically require a higher degree of maintenance than those over intersections. Since streams are dynamic, and since many bridge protection measures include living plants and biodegradable material, the potential is high for stabilization measures to change in some way over time and through ood events. If monitoring indicates that a
Actually, no C# programmer would use this as just shown because nothing is gained and the standard form is easier. However, this has some important uses. For example, the C# syntax permits the name of a parameter or a local variable to be the same as the name of an instance variable. When this happens, the local name hides the instance variable. You can gain access to the hidden instance variable by referring to it through this. For example, the following is a syntactically valid way to write the Rect( ) constructor:
Server 2
IPSec Tunnel Group Attributes
Convert an Image to Black and White
The cam-follower system may be designed for path, motion, or function generation. This book treats the cam and the follower almost totally as a function generator in which the output of the follower is a function of the cam input. Erdman and Sandor (1997) illustrate the three types of cam design functions in Figure 1.2. Figure 1.2a shows a function generator in which the cam drives a four-bar linkage to a type slug bar of an electric typewriter. The cam moves the linkage to impact the type slug to a platem roller (not shown). Figure 1.2b shows a path generator cam that uses a double cam to produce a line that is desired. Figure 1.2c shows a motion-generator cam in which a drift meter operates to de ne the aircraft direction of motion relative to the ground. The sight wire is aligned to follow an object on the earth that passes through the center. The instrument rotates about point 0 by two xed guiding pins in a circular arc-shaped cam slot about its center. Without this design a physical pivot needed of point 0 would hinder the vision. As stated previously, a cam is a mechanical member which transmits a desired action to a follower by direct contact. The driver is the cam (usually at constant speed), and the driven member is the follower. The cam may remain stationary, translate, oscillate, or rotate, whereas the follower may translate, oscillate, or index. In its general form a cam mechanism (Fig. 1.3a) consists of two shaped bodies, 1 and 2, connected by a xed third body, 3. Either body 1 or body 2 may be the driver with the other the follower. We may at each instant replace these shaped bodies by an equivalent mechanism having members as shown in Fig. 1.3b. These members are pin-jointed at the
Friction Blade Bullet or snap
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