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Diagonal tension failure Structural shear cracks due to 1. Increase rebars in tension zone for Design defects foundation settlement, scour, sharp vertical cracks. skew and curved girders 2. Increase transverse reinforcement for diagonal cracks. Shear compression Failure High principal stress due to exure Increase shear and exural and shear reinforcement near supports by strengthening Design defects
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More Query-Related Extension Methods
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Elements of CorelDRAW s Rulers
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The output from this program is shown here:
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If you are using multimode fiber you should select a lens that pro, vides values for SD and NAB less than or equal to 70 percent of the maximum allowable values. In addition, you should not attempt to focus the spot on an area less than 30 percent of the core of the fiber as this could , cause burning of the end of the fiber. While it is possible to find a range of focal length lenses that satisfy the previously listed computations, when working with single-mode fiber only one focal length will , satisfy spot size and numerical aperture requirements.
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Even though you drew the characters according to the guidelines, there s a little bit of page relocation that needs to happen before you export the characters. The tops and bottoms of the characters are probably fine, but when you type using this font, think of where the character will begin. Characters have side bearings: you can set the right side-bearing when you export the character, but it s usually a good idea to set the left side-bearing (the point where the character begins) according to how you designed the font. This Odyssey typeface has crossbars that overshoot some characters such as the A to the left. If you were to type some words with this font, you d see that the crossbar needs to extend beyond the left of the page just a little, thus making words you type look evenly spaced. In your own work you might not design a typeface like this, but if you do, here and now is the time to move the
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Note Ethernet access is the service here; just a connectivity service that entails a single physical Ethernet connection. 45 In fact, most devices have a Network Interface Card operating at 10/100M, i.e., either at 10 or 100. 46 If 100M costs $X, then 1000M costs cost roughly three times $X; cost per bit using 100M = $X/100M, using 1000M = 3 $X/1000M = 0.3X (cost per bit using 100M) 47 Admittedly, though, this may not be as severe because of the nature of data traffic, which typically has only some peaks interspersed with more modest traffic demands.
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A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) GET can take up to 40 times the CPU that an unencrypted GET takes. Offloading all the extra work associated with SSL can give back large amounts of capacity to servers.
Control Objective
2200 nm
Myth: Analog Connections from DVD Players and Blu-ray Players Won t Work with US TVs After the February 2009 Analog Cutoff
public int IndexOfAny(char[ ] anyOf, int startIndex, int count) public int LastIndexOf(char value) public int LastIndexOf(string value)
When you need to extend a copper cable within a building, it is possible to simply strip the insulators on the pair to be extended and strip another wire pair, twist the wire strips for each pair together, and bond them with electrical tape. In so doing, your primary concern is to ensure that each wire pair is correctly mated to the wire on the extension. When you splice optical fiber, you must align the center core of one fiber to another, a much more difficult procedure. In addition, your options for joining fibers include welding or fusing, gluing, or the use of mechanical connectors. Each method is more time-consuming than simply twisting electrical conductors together and can result in an increase in cabling cost. This is especially true because personnel normally require training to splice optical fiber to minimize optical loss, which can adversely affect the transmission capability of a fiber. Welding or fusing normally results in the least loss of transmission between splice elements. However you must clean each fiber end, then , align and carefully fuse the ends using an electric arc. This is time-consuming but can result in the least amount of signal loss between joined elements. Gluing or an epoxy method of splicing requires the use of bonding material that matches the refractive index of the core of the fiber. Thus, you just can t run out to the nearest CVS, Kmart, Office Depot, or another store and use any type of glue. Again, gluing is timeconsuming and results in a higher loss of signal power than does fusing. A third method available to join fiber is the use of connectors. Although mechanical connectors considerably facilitate the joining of fibers, they result in more signal loss than do the other two methods and can reduce the span of the fiber to a smaller distance.
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