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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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withthedefinitions X = x + l , Y = y - 4 . The origin of the new coordinate system is at (- 1,4),and in this new coordinate system when X = O , Y=k6 and when Y = O , = k4.
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This chapter has covered the basics of routers and routing. This exercise is a troubleshooting exercise and is different from the other exercises you have performed so far. In previous exercises, you were given a configuration task.
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If you re connecting a combination temperature/humidity sensor, you will use all four wires on the cable. This connection will use not only the power and ground terminals on your control panel, but the other two wires will be connected to the (+) terminals on two separate zone inputs. This connection on zone inputs is necessary because the sensor will read two items temperature and humidity. However, because they are combined into a single package, power need only be drawn from a single source.
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Do not use delete on shutdown in conjunction with redirected Application Data folders. The delete on shutdown option in the Password Manager Console controls whether the user s registry keys and Application Data folder (including encrypted credentials) are deleted when the agent is shut down. Using this option requires a user to re-create each of the files previously listed (from the data located on the synchronization point) each time the agent is started up again. This can cause a significant delay when using redirected Application Data folders. Do not use aggressive synchronization in conjunction with redirected Application Data folders. The aggressive synchronization option in the Password Manager Console controls whether the agent synchronizes user configuration information whenever a user launches a recognized application or Logon Manager. Using aggressive synchronization by itself can degrade performance on both the client and server. If using this option in conjunction with redirected Application Data, folders can cause even slower response times. For specific numbers on using redirected Application Data folders and aggressive synchronization, see the Agent Response Time section of the Citrix Password Manager Performance and Scalability article in the Advanced Concepts Guide.
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1 [e cos 1 + e sin 1 1] . 2
Run-time polymorphism is achieved through a combination of two features: inheritance and virtual functions. You learned about inheritance in the preceding chapter. Here, you will learn about the virtual function.
What titer levels are considered critical for significant risk of severe erythroblastosis fetalis and hydrops
Like many of the proposed SIP extensions, the REFER method is currently documented within the IETF in the form of an Internet draft. This particular SIP extension, however, is extremely popular and has been implemented in many SIP devices. A REFER request enables the sender of the request to instruct the receiver to contact a third party, with the contact details for the third party included within the REFER request. A common application of the REFER method is in Call Transfer applications. Imagine, for example, that Joe and Mary are having a conversation. Mary determines that Joe really needs to talk to Susan and decides to transfer the call to Susan. Mary would send a REFER message to Joe, with Susan s contact details contained with a new Refer-to: header field, and Joe
Because LMI is locally significant, each Frame Relay DTE in your network does not have to use the same LMI type. For example, Site 1 and Site 2, shown in Figure 26-4, might have a PVC connecting them together. The Site 1 router might be using ANSI for an LMI type, and the Site 2 router might be using the Q.933 LMI type. Even though they have a PVC connecting them, the LMI process is local and can therefore be different. Actually, the LMI type is typically dependent on the carrier and the switch that it is using. Most carrier switches support all three types, but some carrier switches don t. Likewise, those that do support all three might have standardized on a particular type. Cisco routers support all three LMI standards.
17: Microwave- and RadioBased Systems
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channel A part of an audio track. Typically there is one channel allocated for each loudspeaker. channel bit The bits stored on the disc, after being modulated. channel data The bits physically recorded on an optical disc after error-correction encoding and modulation. Because of the extra information and processing, channel data is larger than the user data contained within it. chapter In BD and DVD-Video, a division of a title. In BD, chapters are defined by Entry-Marks in a PlayList. In DVD, a chapter is technically called a part of title (PTT). chroma (C ) The nonlinear color component of a video signal, independent of the luma. Identified by the symbol C (where prime [ ] indicates nonlinearity) but usually written as C because it s never linear in practice. chroma subsampling Reducing color resolution by taking fewer color samples than luminance samples. chrominance (C) The color component (hue and saturation) of light or a video signal, independent of luminance. Technically, chrominance refers to the linear component of video, as opposed to the transformed nonlinear chroma component. CIE Commission Internationale de l clairage/International Commission on Illumination. CIF Common intermediate format. Video resolution of 352 288. Cinavia Trade name of Verance audio watermark technology used in AACS. CIRC Cross-interleaved Reed Solomon code. An error-correction coding method that overlaps small frames of data. clamping area The area near the inner hole of a disc where the drive grips the disc in order to spin it. Clip A Clip AV Stream file (an MPEG-2 transport stream segment) together with its Clip Information file (access point time stamps). Clips are linked together by one or more PlayLists. A Blu-ray disc may contain up to 4000 Clips. Clip AV Stream MPEG-2 transport stream carrying audio and video used by the BDAV system. Clip Information A time-ordered list of time stamps defining access points into the associated Clip AV Stream. closed caption Textual video overlays that are not normally visible, as opposed to open captions, which are a permanent part of the picture. Captions are usually a textual representation of the spoken audio intended for hearing impaired viewers. In the United States, the official NTSC Closed Caption standard requires that all TVs larger than 13 inches include circuitry to decode and display caption information stored on line 21 of the video signal. BD closed captions are carried in MPEG-2 cc_data() fields (as defined in A/53C, EIA-708-B, and EIA/CEA-608-B), AVC SEI user-data messages, or VC-1 SMPTE 421M user data. DVD-Video can provide closed caption data in MPEG-2 user-data fields. closed GOP See GOP. clpi File extension for BD Clip Information files (in the BDMV/CLIPINF directory on the disc). CLUT Color lookup table. An index that maps a limited range color values to a full range of values such as RGB or YUV. CLV Constant linear velocity. Refers to a rotating disc system in which the head moves over the disc surface at a constant velocity, requiring that the motor vary the rotation speed as the head travels in and out. The further the head is from the center of the disc, the slower the rotation. The advantage of CLV is that data density remains constant, optimizing use of the surface area. Contrast with CAV and ZCLV. CMI Content management information. General information about copy protection and allowed use of protected content. Includes CCI. codec Coder/decoder. The circuitry or computer software that encodes and decodes a signal. Coherent Acoustics The full name for the multi-channel audio format called DTS.
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