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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide Rotating an Extrude Effect
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1. Find the voltage across the 1 A current source using superposition. 2. Can the power absorbed by the 50 resistor in Fig. 4-11 be found by using superposition If not, why not 3. Write down the Millman equivalent voltage. 4. A circuit contains n voltage sources in parallel; each voltage source is in series with a resistor. What is the Millman equivalent resistance 5. A circuit consists of components E 1 , E 2 , and E 3 in parallel. The rst element E 1 is a 4 V voltage source and 2 resistor in series. The second element E 2 is a 1 V voltage source and 1 resistor in series, and the nal element E 3 is a 2 V voltage source and 3 resistor in series. Find the Millman voltage and the Millman resistance for this circuit.
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Debugger Basics
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FIGURE 6.21 ERD with Two Weak Entity Types
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Fig. 6.2 Typical Starter-Motor Circuit
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You can use the wizards to manage these and other features. However, we ll explain how to set up devices and events without using the wizards. X10 Interface You might have needed to install software when installing your X10 controller, but HomeSeer still needs to know what type of interface you re using. To do so, follow View | Options and then click the Interface tab. This is shown in Figure 15-1. Since we are using a PowerLinc USB controller, we ve selected it from the pull-down menu. Once you ve made your selection, click OK. Sunrise and Sunset There are times at which you might want to activate and deactivate X10 devices based on sunrise and sunset. For example, you might want exterior lighting to come on at dusk and remain on for a couple hours before turning off. Naturally, your computer will not instinctively know when the sun is rising and setting. As such, you must tell the computer where you live, and it can compute the settings from there.
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hard disk drives and CD recorders). Some SCSI experts recommend that you don t mix internal and external drives on the same host adapter. Others recommend that if you do mix external and internal drives that you keep the total SCSI bus length less than 7 feet. This is more conservative than the actual speci cation, but it may reduce the chances of running into perplexing SCSI problems. Use active termination on both ends of your SCSI chain. Active termination ensures that the signals along the SCSI bus will be balanced and stay within acceptable amplitude levels (ensuring data integrity throughout the bus). Active terminators are built into many newer drives or can be added as a terminator plug (available from companies such as APS Technologies at www.apstech.com). Avoid having extraneous devices on the SCSI bus, such as scanners or printers. These devices can often introduce signals onto the bus any time they are powered on even if inactive. Any erroneous data that appears on the SCSI bus can potentially disrupt the recording process, which, of course, can ruin the media being recorded. Disconnect network interface cards in the CD recorder host computer prior to recording and disable their network drivers. Network activity in the midst of a recording can cause problems (unless you re running applications that are designed speci cally to perform recording operations in the network environment. Disable or disconnect fax/modem boards installed in your computer that may be set up to respond to incoming faxes or communications from other computers. If the host computer tries to respond to modem communications while recording a CD, it will probably ruin the recording. Disable any TSR applications running on your host computer before starting to record a CD. Screen savers, timers, alarms from personal manager programs, and similar memory-resident applications can disrupt a recording operation if they are active. Once your hardware is installed, you can generally test its proper operation by inserting blank media and performing a test write operation (which moves the laser record head and simulates the data transfer to see if the equipment and host computer can successfully write to disc). If the test operation doesn t work at all or
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NOTE When viewing objects in the Java Report panel, you cannot readily see which objects are
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Framing A1 BIP-8 B1 Datacom D1 Pointer H1
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// An example of the transform algorithm. #include <iostream> #include <list> #include <algorithm> using namespace std; // A simple transformation function. int xform(int i) { return i * i; // square original value } int main() { list<int> xl; int i; // put values into list for(i=0; i<10; i++) xl.push_back(i); cout << "Original contents of xl: "; list<int>::iterator p = xl.begin(); while(p != xl.end()) { cout << *p << " "; p++; } cout << endl; // transform xl p = transform(xl.begin(), xl.end(), xl.begin(), xform); cout << "Transformed contents of xl: "; p = xl.begin(); while(p != xl.end()) { cout << *p << " "; p++; } return 0; }
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10.000% 10.000% 10.000%
When configuring the hardware load balancer, it is important to properly configure how the load balancer distributes multiple requests from the same client. For the Password Manager agent, the load balancer must be configured so multiple requests from the same client device get redirected to the same Password Manager server. When configuring the NetScaler Application Switch for the Password Manager Service, you need to create a virtual server, along with a service for each of the Password Manager servers. For a default Password Manager Service install, use the following settings for the services and virtual server: Services Protocol: SSL_BRIDGE IP Address: IP address of the Web Interface server Port: 443 Monitor: tcps Virtual Server Protocol: SSL_BRIDGE IP Address: IP address of the Web Interface virtual server Port: 443 Persistence: SOURCEIP If a third-party load balancer is being used, consult the load-balancer documentation for specific configuration information.
Description Defines the maximum session time for a short logon/logoff cycle. The default is five seconds. The time period designated to monitor logon/logoff cycles. The default is 600 seconds. The number of logon/logoff cycles that must occur within the session interval for the test to fail. The default is 50 cycles.
retransmissions. This is a warning-level event, meaning that the network performance is being adversely affected. Most expert analysis applications provide context-sensitive on-line documentation that provides troubleshooting suggestions. They also provide drill-down capability to access additional measurements. In this particular case, frame numbers 7353 7356 in the capture buffer provide more information about the problem.
Screws, Bolts, and Other Fasteners
Table 7-1
Related Functions
Example: DocumentAuthor() returns "Elizabeth Newbould".
Figure 4.10 The combined structural and HVAC model as seen in NavisWorks.
Which command enables RSTP with PVRST+ on a switch
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