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Did you make signi cant changes Brad did. He said, I made every one of those errors and I spotted some other mistakes I d made, too. I realized I had some sentence fragments, for example, that I hadn t noticed until I focused on the sentences. The rst thing Brad did was calculate his average sentence length. He counted 272 words and eighteen sentences, equaling an average sentence length of fteen words. Except, Brad explained, that that included those sentence fragments. I decided I needed to rewrite the text so there were no fragments rst, and then recalculate my average sentence length. While I was doing that, remembering that shorter sentences are always better than longer ones, I tried to tighten up all the sentences. In doing so, I deleted a lot of verbiage. Here s Brad s revision:
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Xtra Link 2 contains all the components necessary for coax transmission.
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Ungrounded Grounded Grounding
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Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
Push and Pull at negative amplitude
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Replaced By Whole days. If more than one d is specified, then at least that number of digits will be displayed, with leading zeros as needed. Hours (not counting those that are part of whole days). If hh is specified, then two digits are displayed, with a leading zero as needed. Minutes (not counting those that are part of whole hours). If mm is specified, then two digits are displayed, with a leading zero as needed. Seconds (not counting those that are part of whole minutes). If ss is specified, then two digits are displayed, with a leading zero as needed.
Shadowing users Support personnel can use shadowing to take control of users PCs or thin-client terminals for troubleshooting purposes. Show how to set up shadowing, including screen prints for each step. VPN or Internet dial-up connectivity If remote users are connecting to the data center through a WAN or VPN, explain how to set up the VPN client software on a PC, configure the thin-client terminal s Secure ICA functions, or whatever is appropriate to your environment. Printing Recap which printers are supported and which ones will work with bandwidth management devices, if appropriate. If printers are not supported, include instructions about the proper procedures to take when such a printer is encountered during deployment. IP address scheme A workable IP addressing scheme needs to be implemented if it hasn t been already. If DHCP is to be used, explain how to configure the clients to take advantage of it. General migration issues Include answers to problems that the implementation team may encounter, such as what to do if a user scheduled for migration is absent or if a user s PC is not operating properly under XenApp.
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The Rectangle class includes TwoDShape and adds the methods IsSquare( ), which determines if the rectangle is square, and Area( ), which computes the area of a rectangle.
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To add some sparkle to a slightly washed-out image, choose the Brightness/Contrast command. Drag the Contrast slider a small increment to the right, and then
Put Set into a Namespace
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