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PC games have a lot in common with their near cousins, home console games, but there are some important differences as well. As we saw in 1, the two kinds of devices originated in two different ways, and this has some influence on the way they re developed, even today. PC games were first created by individual programmers for fun, often in a spirit of cooperation. Console games were first created by toy and arcade-game companies both fiercely competitive industries very much for profit. A PC game runs on a machine that costs anywhere from $500 to $4000. That means that the machine is not a toy, and although it may be used exclusively by a kid, an adult, or at least a teenager, was involved in its purchase. You can t let a small child use a PC unsupervised; it s too fragile. In the home, PCs are normally installed in a home office or den. This is one of the most important things that distinguishes the personal computer from the home video game console. A PC is designed to be used by one person at a time. It s usually set up with a viewing distance of 12 to 24 inches in mind, generally on a desk with a single chair in front of it. A game console, on the other hand, is usually in a living room (or a kid s bedroom) attached to a TV that s placed so several people can see it at once. This important distinction has a major effect on the kinds of games that are designed for the two types of machines. As a gaming device, the PC has certain important advantages. It always has a hard disk a large, writeable storage medium. It also has a keyboard and a mouse, which means you can design a game with a fairly complex user interface; almost certainly a modem; and a high-resolution screen generally quite a lot higher resolution than a
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9: Complications of Pregnancy
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What is the transformation zone
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7.2.1 European 2.048 Mbps primary rate PDH hierarchy Primary rate frame structure. The fundamental building block for the European or
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Description Obtains the name of the character set being used. Obtains the name of the encoding scheme. Obtains the length of the content being received. This will be 1 if the content length is not available. Obtains a description of the content. Obtains or sets a list of the cookies attached to the response. Obtains a collection of the headers attached to the response. If the response came from the cache, this property is true. It is false if the response was delivered over the network. If the client and server are both authenticated, then this property is true. It is false otherwise. Obtains the time at which the resource was last changed. Obtains a string that specifies the response method. Obtains a Version object that describes the version of HTTP used in the transaction. Obtains the URI that generated the response. This may differ from the one requested if the response was redirected to another URI. Obtains a string that represents the name of the server. Obtains an HttpStatusCode object that describes the status of the transaction. Obtains a string that represents the status of the transaction in a human-readable form.
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Carrier Plans for Ethernet
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C# allows arrays with more than two dimensions. Here is the general form of a multidimensional array declaration: type[, ...,] name = new type[size1, size2, ..., sizeN];
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Layer 2 Control Protocol Processing code 39 generator
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Table 4.4 BD and Related Format and Patent Licensing (continued)
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Ongoing Developments
Sample Multimode Fiber (MMF) Spectrum 5 O-Band
Interface Indexers
IP Gateway
MGCP defines nine commands, some of which are sent from call agent to gateway and some from gateway to call agent. MGCP commands are composed of a command line, a number of parameter lines, and, optionally, a session description. The command line and parameters are text, using the US-ASCII character set. The session description uses SDP, also a text-based protocol. The command line and the various parameters are separated from each other by a carriage return and line feed character (CRLF). The session description is separated from the command line and the various parameter lines by a single empty line, similar to the way things are done in SIP.
Remapping Hot Keys
Installing the WaterBug water sensor comes in two phases. First, one must connect the various water sensors to the WaterBug console. Second, the console must be connected to your security or home automation system.
The Relational Data Model
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