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Following the same logic used when considering a capacitor, we note that the maximum voltage in the inductor is V = L I . Once again this is an Ohm s law type relation with resistance R = L. We call this the inductive reactance X L = L (7.30)
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As I discussed in 5, the tool for creating the monitoring components of PerformancePoint Server is the Dashboard Designer, a .NET application that runs using ClickOnce deployment available with the .NET Framework. While the Dashboard Designer includes KPIs, scorecards, dashboards, and indicators, it also includes reports as a first-class type of object that can be created. These reports represent the core of the analysis functionality built into PerformancePoint Server. There are several different types of reports available, which I will examine in detail in this section. Table 5-1 in the previous chapter listed the types of reports that are available and what each one does. Figure 6-1 shows the screen that appears when the developer chooses to create a new report. Choosing a report type shows a simple description
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The C# Language
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// Can't store this one -- full. evt.SomeEvent += zOb.Zhandler; Console.WriteLine();
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Color Outside the Lines!
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Many optimization settings can be used to improve the ICA client user experience. Although most of these settings only make a difference (and are only necessary) with slow or highly latent connections, some of these features can improve the user experience even when bandwidth is not limited.
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1. Create a button object, make it as fancy as you like (Effects | Emboss works well),
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Figure 14 - 2
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Introducing the Standard Template Library
Basic Management from the CLI
Three Hats You will be wearing many hats when you are a model developer:
Standby powering of headend equipment falls into two basic categories: an engine-generator set and a battery backup set. The battery backup set can be as exotic as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Since most headends have some kind of alarm system, such as for unauthorized intrusion, re, or smoke, these could also alert the loss of commercial power. Service personnel could then go to the headend site to assess the situation. The most common type of headend emergency power is the engine generator set, simply because it can usually provide 100 percent of the usual power load, which includes air-conditioning and tower lights in addition to the normal electronic load. The engines are usually reciprocating multicylinder engines that operate on a variety of fuels. Large standby plants often use diesel fuel, while others use gasoline, propane, or piped-in natural gas. Several manufacturers of engine-driven standby power plants offer equipment in a broad range of powers. Battery-powered backup systems usually provide enough power to cover anywhere from a one- to two-hour off period. For engine-driven emergency power systems, an automatic program changeover switch is the method of choice. This device starts the engine, tests the voltage, and transfers the power. Upon return of commercial power, as sensed by the switch, the power transfer is made back to commercial power and the engine is shut down. An engine-run hour meter records the amount of time the engine was in operation. This data should be recorded in the plant maintenance le. Some emergency electric plant controllers have a weekly or monthly cycle period where the engine starts and runs for a predetermined period and then shuts down. This so called exercise cycle may or may not actually transfer the electrical load. Battery backup power systems usually do not have an exercise cycle. The battery pack s condition should be checked visually as well as electrically, and the condition of the charge should be recorded in the system maintenance les. Most uninterruptible power backup systems either remain online, providing power while simultaneously being charged, or
p = strrchr("this is a test", printf(p); return 0; }
public static int LastIndexOf(Array a, object v)
7.1.4 Passive mixer issues
Notice that the summation process is handled entirely within the for statement, and no body is needed. Pay special attention to the iteration expression:
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