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9.7.4 Structural Steel Painting
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NOTE I recommend using NTP to synchronize the time on your devices. The appliances support NTP, which I discuss in 26.
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Adding devices to your HomeSeer program is accomplished either from the toolbar or by right-clicking in the Devices pane. The device can be managed or deleted by right-clicking on the device and selecting your choice from the context menu. To create a new X10 device, follow these steps:
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Resilient Packet Ring (RPR)
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menu command, the edit cannot be changed after you apply other commands. Conversely, you can edit an adjustment layer at any time to fine-tune the look of your image, or, for that matter, delete the adjustment layer if you don t like the effect.
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Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, ING DIRECT is the operating name of ING Bank, a federally chartered savings bank, and part of ING, the eleventh largest financial institution in the world. ING DIRECT, as an online bank, has implemented fingerprint biometrics to allow its customers to be verified over the Internet. Customers log on by entering their account number and PINs and then put their finger on a biometric reader located on the mouse or keypad. The fingerprint image captured verifies their identity. ING DIRECT s management believed that the use of a fingerprint was convenient and gave the appearance of strong security, thus acting as a strong deterrent. In launching the program in 2000, Arkadi Kuhlmann, President and CEO of ING DIRECT, said, The biometric mouse is an easy and convenient way for consumers to access their bank accounts online in a secure way. The pilot study involved 500 customers in seven countries, each of whom was given a plug-and-play computer mouse equipped with a fingerprint reader. (To avoid charges of specie-ism, please note that some IT aficionados refer to it as a biometric hamster, defined as a computer mouse that also includes a thumbprint scanner.) Enrollment is strictly voluntary and designed to decrease fraud and provide customers with a fast, convenient, and easy option. Wary customers are still able to do business the old-fashioned way. The good news, according to Brenda Rideout (overseer of the biometric pilot project) as reported by eWeek in 2000, We had thought there would be much more concern about Big Brother and somebody taking your fingerprint. People seem to be quite open to this technology and not quite as concerned as we had thought they d be. The bad news: the hardware costs over $100 per mouse, plus the accompanying software, making it much too high to be a universal product.
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6: Analysis with PerformancePoint Server and ProClarity
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Sobtion: Finding the components of a force or speed is common i many problems. n The force is viewed as having components along the floor, because that is the direction of motion of the box, and perpendicualrto the floor as shown in Fig. 8-5.
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Propagation of light in fiber optic media is best understood from waveguide theory. Energy is being transmitted as an optical wave in a cylindrical waveguide made of a glass dielectric. How the signal propagates is a complex issue that is dependent upon the wavelength, dimensions of the fiber, and method of signal injection.[8,9] The references listed at the end of the chapter can be consulted for detailed discussions of how different wave equations can be used to describe the various modes of light propagation. More important to this chapter is some discussion about the different cladding methods used in the cable and some of the loss and distortion mechanisms in this medium. The key to keeping the transmitted light inside the fiber, i.e., preventing it from leaking out the side where the cable bends, is to control the index of refraction of the media core and the boundary cladding. The index of refraction of a material is defined as the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in the material, or, in our case, glass fiber. Figure 21.6 depicts a ray of light that is incident upon a boundary between two materials
Large servers using the SSL protocol need to handle a dramatically growing amount of data traffic. Because hardware resources (especially CPU processing power) are limited, a certain point might simply be saturated with a concurrent number of decryption requests (for incoming data streams) as well as encryption requests (for outgoing data streams), forcing the server to maintain huge lists of valid keys on a per flow basis. Additionally, such machines are typically very vulnerable to overflow attacks, where a malicious attacker attempts to overload the server key list by opening a great number of SSL connections, forcing the server to maintain an excessively long key list and forcing disk cashing, overall system performance degradation, and so on, and eventually system reset triggered by overflow errors.
1. Describe the basic operation of a signal-level meter. 2. Explain the basic principles of operation of a spectrum analyzer. 3. What is the purpose of cable and passive testing 4. Describe what is meant by white noise and how it can be used as a test signal. 5. Describe the process of sweep testing a device. 6. If an off-air television broadcast station received at a cable system headend produces a noisy/snowy picture, what is the rst measurement the cable technician should take 7. What is the most important signal-level point for a cable television headend 8. List some of the advantages for a cable system to use a ber-optical trunk system. 9. List and discuss some of the problems with ber-optical plant. 10. When a technician is required to measure the subscriber drop signal for both analog and digitally modulated signals, what kind of instrument should be used 11. For a cascaded ampli er trunk system used in many cable systems, list the signal distortions that should be measured. 12. Explain the process of signal sweeping for a cable system. 13. When a signal outage occurs at a speci ed location by a subscriber, list the steps in the correct order a technician should follow to correct the problem.
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10.6.6 How to Select the Proper Repair Material
The big news at CES in January was from Bill Gates, who announced that Microsoft would offer an add-on HD DVD drive for the Xbox 360 console. HD DVD supporters who expected a new version of the Xbox with an HD DVD drive built in were not exactly dancing in the streets, but at least it was some ammunition against the specter of millions of Blu-rayequipped PS3s. The AACS group met on February 10 to crank out the final specifications, but once again came up empty-handed. Reports stated that an important member of the Blu-ray Disc Association is still voicing concerns about the interaction of AACS and the additional BD+ protection for Blu-ray movies. But there was a massive hitch Toshiba had planned for a March launch date, with a 40-city tour starting on February 22 to kick it off. Likewise, Samsung and Pioneer had picked May launch dates for their Blu-ray players. If AACS was not ready to go, everyone would be trapped at the starting gate. Finally, on February 15, after working feverishly for days to come up with a compromise, the AACS group agreed to release an interim license that would permit hardware makers and disc manufacturers to sign up for the encryption keys they needed to make the discs and players work together with protected content. The interim license would leave out elements such as managed copy and watermark detection. On February 21, the ACCS LA (license administrator) announced availability of the interim agreement documents, saying, The final license agreement for AACS is expected to be announced in the coming months. Hope sprang eternal. In related news, on March 14 the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper in Japan reported that Sony had pushed back the PlayStation 3 release date from early spring to November. This was allegedly because of the delay in finalizing AACS, but some opined that it was just a handy excuse to cover Sony s inability to pull everything together for the complicated game system. Meanwhile, the meteoric rise of UMD for the PSP (that s movies on tiny discs for Sony s tiny game player, for readers whose acronym buffer has overflowed) had turned into a disastrous tailspin. Initial sales demand from a year earlier had evaporated, and in February, Sony Pictures, Paramount, Warner, and other smaller studios began delaying or cancelling UMD movie releases. Sony had shipped more than 10 million PSP units worldwide since its release a year earlier, but average UMD sales of only 50,000 units mean that less than 1 percent of PSP owners were interested. Various theories were put forth PSP owners bought a few movies when they first got their system to try it out, but it turned out that people really did not want to watch a movie on a tiny screen with tinny speakers while their arm muscles cramped from holding it; the first rush of titles purchased were from mothers and grandmothers who were overjoyed that they could buy something that was not a violent videogame for their teenager; prices were simply too high compared to DVDs; or people realized they should not have to buy what they already owned on DVD. The latter theory was rooted in
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