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A Look into the Future of Delivering Carrier Ethernet
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More than 95 percent of Hollywood movies are shorter than 2 hours and 15 minutes, so 135 minutes was chosen as the goal for DVD. Uncompressed, this much video would require more than 255 gigabytes1 of storage capacity. DVD exclusively uses MPEG-2 compression to fit digital video onto a disc. The length of a movie that can fit on a standard DVD depends almost entirely on how many audio tracks are available and how heavily the video is compressed. Other factors do come into play, such as, the frame rate of the source video (24, 25, or 30 frames per second), the quality of the original images (soft video is easier to compress than sharp video or video with a lot of film grain, and clean video is easier to compress than noisy video), and the complexity (slow, simple scenes are easier to compress than scenes with rapid motion, frequent changes, and intricate detail). In any case, the average Hollywood movie easily fits on a standard-definition DVD. Blu-ray adds two more video compression systems, AVC and VC-1. All three provide video in widescreen, high-definition as well as standard-definition. Blu-ray also provides the ability to decode and play a second stream of video in a picture in picture (PIP) window. The PIP window can be scaled to smaller sizes and can be made partly transparent to reveal the video underneath. Early Profile 1 Blu-ray players did not have the PIP feature.
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statement: you might have to con gure an extended ACL on the exam.
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Toggle to display SQL columns or universe objects
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The Standard Template Library and the string Class
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A dedicated sales team has full-time members. A dedicated sales team can exhibit varying degrees of team-ing-ness. The specialist model is the least team-centric sales model.The leader of the sales unit, the account executive, orchestrates team efforts through the assignment of duties to team specialists. Each specialist contributes to the final sales results by performing his or her assigned duties.This type of team features a classic command-and-control model consistent with typical types of hierarchical work units.The incentive plan for the team members is illustrated in Figure 5-49.
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Conformance and Interoperability Testing 116 Network Test and Measurement
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1. What is an isotope 2. The average atomic mass of the atoms of an
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Profiler Nothing to do with tracking down serial killers! A profiler is a programming tool, an application that monitors the behavior of another program to determine which parts of the program are using the most CPU time. Modern profilers can also monitor the program s use of the machine s graphics and audio processors. Also called a performance analyzer. Project manager
resolution Epson print engines) use a plaque with indentations to hold discs as they pass through the printer. A unique feature of this line is that they are able to accommodate the popular Business Card shaped CDs by using special plaques designed for these 18 to 50MB recordable media. Affex and its parent company, Trace Digital, offer media prelabeled with glossy, inkjet-friendly (and acid-free) paper labels that are particularly well-suited for these printers.
The logical_if_name parameter specifies the name of the logical interface that traffic will exit and have translation performed on it. The NAT_ID parameter basically specifies for which nat commands the global pool of addresses can be used. For example, all nat commands that have a NAT_ID of 1 can use global commands with a NAT_ID of 1 when matching packets travel between these interfaces. NOTE Once the pool of addresses is used up, no further translations can take place for additional internal devices matching the same policy their traffic is dropped. If you specify a range of addresses in the pool, along with an appropriate subnet mask, then the appliance performs dynamic NAT; once the addresses are used up in the pool or pools, additional translations are denied. To overcome this issue, PAT is commonly used. To implement PAT, enter a single IP address in the pool with a subnet mask
NOTE The exam may present questions that address proper procedures for the audit of a specified job title. When considering your response, you should consider the job role assigned with the specific title rather than focusing on the title itself. Questions that address job titles are intended to examine understanding of their related roles an example being the Network Management role associated with the Network Engineer title. An organization that has a program of career advancement may have a set of career paths or career ladders that are models showing how employees may advance. For each job title, a career path will show the possible avenues of advancement to other job titles, and the experience required to reach those other job titles. Job titles in IT have matured and are quite consistent across organizations. This consistency helps organizations in several ways: Recruiting When the organization needs to find someone to fill an open position, the use of standard job titles will help prospective candidates more easily find positions that match their criteria. Compensation baselining Because of the chronic shortage of talented IT workers, organizations are forced to be more competitive when trying to attract new workers. To remain competitive, many organizations periodically undertake a regional compensation analysis to better understand the levels of compensation paid to IT workers in other organizations. The use of standard job titles makes the task of comparing compensation far easier. Career advancement When an organization uses job titles that are consistent in the industry, IT workers have a better understanding of the functions of positions within their own organizations and can more easily plan how they can advance. The remainder of this section includes many IT job titles with a short description (not a full job description by any measure) of the function of that position. Virtually all organizations also include titles that denote the level of experience, leadership, or span of control in an organization. These titles may include executive vice president, senior vice president, vice president, senior director, director, general manager, senior manager, manager, and supervisor. Larger organizations will use more of these, and possibly additional titles such as district manager, group manager, or area manager. Executive Management Executive managers are the chief leaders and policymakers in an organization. They set objectives and work directly with the organization s most senior management to help make decisions affecting the future strategy of the organization. CIO (chief information officer) larger IT organization. This is the title of the topmost leader in a
Trischitta, Patrick R., and Varma, Eve. Jitter in Digital Transmission Systems. (Norwood. Mass.: Artech House, 1989.) Cook, Tommy. SDH: Pointer Problems. Telecommunications Magazine, August 1994. Hewlett-Packard. Tributary Jitter Testing of SDH Network Equipment using ITU-T G.783 Pointer Sequences. (HP 37717B/C Product Note: 5965-4862E.) . Automatic Verification of Network Equipment to ITU-T Jitter Tolerance Standards. (HP 37717B/C Product Note: 5965-4863E.)
Figure 29-17.
Blu-ray and Beyond
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