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var ltAvg = from n in nums let x = nums.Average() where n < x select n; Console.WriteLine("The average is " + nums.Average()); Console.Write("These values are less than the average: "); // Execute the query and display the results. foreach(int i in ltAvg) Console.Write(i + " "); Console.WriteLine(); } }
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The General Form of a Query
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Jones, Jenny Jones, Ralph Jones, Ralph Jones, Ralph Acc#: 108CK, Acc#: 434CK, Acc#: 454MM, Acc#: 436CD, $10.98 ($123.32) $987.13 $1,923.85
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FIGURE 7.13. Knife-edge translating follower.
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Authoring refers to the process of designing and creating the interactivity of a BD title. The more complex and interactive the disc, the more authoring is required. If a title is created using BD-J mode, extensive Java programming may be required. Creating an interactive title is similar to other creative processes such as making a movie, writing a book, creating a software game or building an electronic circuit. It may include creating an outline, designing a flowchart, writing a script, sketching storyboards, filming video, recording and mixing audio, taking photographs, creating graphics and animations, designing a user interface, laying out menus, defining and linking menu buttons, writing captions, creating button highlight graphics, programming animation and interactivity, encoding audio and video, and then assembling, organizing, synchronizing, and testing the material. For HDMV mode titles, authoring is done on an authoring system, which also includes the multiplexing and premastering functions. At the professional level of tools, encoding of video and audio elementary streams is handled by separate specialized encoders that are separate from the authoring system. Some of the prosumer- or consumer-level systems will include the encoding function in an integrated workflow. Using externally encoded streams usually means a higher level of quality. BD premastering refers to the final multiplexing of the streams, formatting a UDF 2.5 image, padding for AACS data and creating the CMF (Cutting Master Format) image. The CMF image, which is actually a collection of files, is sent to the replication factory via a very fast network connection or via shipping as a hard disk drive.
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Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators
In addition to making the basic IOS configurations in this section, you will be required to configure other commands on a handful of switches and routers in a possible simulation question so practice configuring and securing your lines and interfaces.
Lens Effects and Transparency
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