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The preceding examples are written a bit less efficiently than they need to be because it is possible to create a task and start its execution in a single step by calling the StartNew( ) method defined by TaskFactory. TaskFactory is a class that provides various methods that streamline the creation and management of tasks. The default TaskFactory can be obtained from the read-only Factory property provided by Task. Using this property, you can call any of the TaskFactory methods. There are many forms of StartNew( ). The simplest version is shown here: public Task StartNew(Action action) Here, action is the entry point to the task to be executed. StartNew( ) automatically creates a Task instance for action and then starts the task by scheduling it for execution. Thus, there is no need to call Start( ). For example, assuming the preceding programs, the following call creates and starts tsk in one step:
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Now if we express v2 in terms of v1, as in Eq. (12-14), we get
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Minimally you ll need to assign an IP address to the external interface of the card and specify which IP addresses are allowed to manage the card (their source addresses). The rest of the parameters are optional. Actually once you ve completed the script successfully, you can now use ASDM via the backplane of the ASA to complete the rest of the card configuration or use IDM via the external Ethernet interface of the card itself. To return to the CLI of the ASA, use <CNTRL><SHIFT>6 x, the break sequence used on IOS devices. NOTE The use of ASDM or IDM to configure policies for the card itself is beyond the scope of this book it would actually take a book in-and-of-itself to adequately cover this topic.
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Router(config)# hostname your_router's_hostname Router(config)# username remote_hostname password matching_password Router(config)# interface type [slot_#/]port_# Router(config-if)# encapsulation ppp Router(config-if)# ppp authentication pap qr code scanner
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Myth: Video Compression Does Not Work for Animation
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This rule can be generalized. Whenever you use a member of a namespace, you must qualify it with the namespace name. If you don t, the member of the namespace won t be found by the compiler. Second, once an object of type Counter has been created, it is not necessary to further qualify it or any of its members with the namespace. Thus, cd1.Count( ) can be called directly without namespace qualification, as this line shows:
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1. Developments in safety engineering require that engineers should be trained in the basic concepts of identifying and controlling hazards. It involves recognition, diagnosis, and implementation of a control selected from one or more options. 2. Murphy s Law seems to apply to bridges as well, especially when the number of bridges runs into the millions. For some bridges, whatever can possibly go wrong will. An engineer s goal is to prevent hazards and prevent the ful llment of Murphy s Law. In the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of bridges there are many single and chains of activities that can contribute to a disaster. In the numerous decision making tasks required in planning and design, engineers may inadvertently create hazards at sites, in equipment, in operation, or by neglecting the environment. Such activities are related to quality of materials, products, equipment, processes and the environment. Any error in calculation will be in the direction of maximum harm. Where hindsight is missing, the risk of failure is increased. 3. A hazard may be de ned as a condition or circumstance that can lead to adverse or harmful consequences. Hazards are seldom created deliberately, but are usually created unintentionally or inadvertently. Sources of hazards are: Human limitations Errors in judgment Poor assumptions Pressure to meet commitments or unrealistic schedules Over ambitious incentives and penalties offered to the contractor to nish the job Poor communication
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SOLUTION The function has a multiple pole at s = 2 Hence, we can see that it will be stable. The inverse Laplace transform of the function is given by h(t) = 3te 2t A plot of the function is shown in Fig. 14-5. We see that the function steeply rises to a maximum (behavior due to the monomial term) and then it quickly decays when the exponential becomes dominant. It s easy to see that the maximum occurs at t = 0.5 since dh = 3e 2t 6te 2t = 0 dt t = 0.5 Next we consider sinusoidal functions. Clearly sinusoidal waveforms are bounded and so (14.1) is satis ed. The poles in the case of a sinusoidal transfer function will be complex. Let s consider the following function. H (s) = 1 (s 2)(s + 2) (14.6)
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Grade control structure / check dams
public static UnicodeCategory GetUnicodeCategory(string str, int idx)
Sequels and Sequels to Sequels
Searching a String
Table 11-6 Commonly Used Input Methods Defined by BinaryReader
Designer may propose more contexts than necessary. Likewise, as you add new tables to your universe, your contexts may become incomplete. If you leave the context name at its default and if your cardinalities are typical, Detect Contexts works very well and will help you identify isolated joins that do not yet belong to a context.
1 dx = x ( ln x) 4
Although Example.cs is quite short, it includes several key features that are common to all C# programs. Since this is your first C# program, it warrants close examination. We will begin with its name. The name of a C# program can be chosen arbitrarily. Unlike some computer languages (most notably, Java) in which the name of a program file is very important, this is not the case for C#. You were told to call the sample program Example.cs so that the instructions for compiling and running the program would apply, but as far as C# is concerned, you could have called the file by another name. For example, the preceding sample program could have been called Sample.cs, Test.cs, or even MyProg.cs. By convention, C# programs use the .cs file extension, and this is a convention that you should follow. Also, many programmers call a file by the name of the principal class defined within the file. This is why the filename Example.cs was chosen. Since the names of C# programs are arbitrary, names won t be specified for most of the sample programs in this book. Just use names of your own choosing. The program begins with the following lines:
FIGURE 12.8. Cam example (chatter resulted from resonance with strong 18th harmonic number).
Determine What Kind of Proo ng You Require
ciscoasa(config)# access-list INTERNAL permit tcp any host eq 25 ciscoasa(config)# access-list INTERNAL permit tcp any host eq 80 ciscoasa(config)# access-list INTERNAL deny ip any ciscoasa(config)# access-list INTERNAL deny ip any ciscoasa(config)# access-list INTERNAL permit ip any ciscoasa(config)# access-list INTERNAL permit ip any
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