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Fig. 4.18 How an NPN Transistor Works
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IPSec Phase 1
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Fig. 1.7
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While we are on the topic of hydrocarbons, this is a convenient time to talk about the nature of chemical bonding with carbon atoms and some convenient and important rules to remember.
Similar to Zachman, DFDs permit nontechnical business executives to easily understand the various IT applications and the relationships between them. A typical DFD is shown in Figure 2-1.
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Video is produced by editing together various sources of images and sound. Since this chapter is principally about DVD and video images, we only consider explicitly the image part of video. The sound box in Figure 14 - 2 is actually composed of sub-components such as eld-recorded sound, studio narration, music and sound effects. The various sources of images are shown in the gure. Original footage is, of course footage shot for the current project. Stored footage is previously- lmed material, and retrieved from source or back-up tapes. Stock
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The amplitude and phase can be determined from the initial conditions. Since the initial conditions assumed here are x( 0) = A cos( 0 + f ) = x0 the amplitude and phase are given by A = x 0 f = 0. Unlike the amplitude and phase, the frequency of vibration is a property of the system and depends only upon the mass and stiffness, not the initial conditions. For this reason, it is called x( 0) = - A sin( 0 + f ) = 0
IPsec tunnel mode protects all traffic between two remote networks.
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