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Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators
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The union, intersection, and difference table operators are similar to the traditional set operators. The traditional set operators are used to determine all members of two sets (union), common members of two sets (intersection), and members unique to only one set (difference), as depicted in Figure 3.9. The union, intersection, and difference operators for tables apply to rows of a table but otherwise operate in the same way as the traditional set operators. A union operation retrieves all the rows in either table. For example, a union operator applied to two student tables at different universities can find all student rows. An intersection operation retrieves just the common rows. For example, an intersection operation can determine the students attending both universities. A difference operation retrieves the rows in the first table but
Optical Ethernet infrastructure indicates transporting (and switching if necessary) Ethernet natively over a fiber-optic infrastructure. 50 Almost all the popular networking applications presuppose working over the global Internet (in fact it is a necessary condition to gain mass market appeal), which of course is based on IP (Internet Protocol).
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Use Instance Methods as Delegates
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