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Read each of the scenarios in Exercise 1 and write an action objective that best describes what each person wants his or her reader(s) to do. If you nd you re writing a passive objective, ask yourself, Why do I care to help you transform the passive objective into an action objective. Following each scenario are examples of well-written objectives. Keep in mind that there are many good variations. If the objective you write allows you to envision a reader doing something, it s a well-written objective. On the other hand, if your objective describes a feeling or thought, or if it expresses an intention, it s not likely to be effective. As you practice writing objectives and evaluate your work, think action! EXERCISE 1: Write a One-Sentence Objective 1. Justin s company has an intranet that posts openings within the company and all its subsidiaries worldwide. Justin wants to apply for a new position within his business unit. The job he s interested in represents a promotion and would move him up to the same level as his current boss. Company policy requires that job applications include a letter of support from the employee s current supervisor. Justin has decided to send an E-mail to his boss as a rst step in putting together his application for the new job.
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The Standardization Efforts
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All this emotional stuff is nice, but let s talk out-of-pocket dollars. Ask any electric vehicle conversion owner, and they ll tell you it transports them where they want to go, is very reliable, and saves them money. Let s examine separately the operating, purchase, and lifetime ownership costs and summarize the potential savings.
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Appendix A
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as 50/125. These numbers refer to the diameter of the core and cladding area of the cable in micrometers, where a micrometer represents 10 6 m. Thus, 50/125 indicates that the fiber has a core 50 m in diameter while the cladding diameter is 125 m. Figure 3.7 shows how the core and cladding diameters are specified. As the diameter of the core of a fiber increases, more light can be coupled into the fiber from an external source. While this may appear to be welcome news, in reality it can be equivalent to a child let loose in a candy store since too much of a good thing can be bad. In other words, too much light can result in saturation of a receiver. Thus, there are constraints on the size of the core. Because one of those constraints is based on the general category of the optical fiber let s discuss this topic. ,
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
A bus is a component in a computer that provides the means for the other different components to communicate with each other. A computer s bus connects the CPU with its main and secondary storage, as well as to external devices. Most computers also utilize electrical connectors that permit the addition of small circuit boards that may contain additional memory, a communications device or adaptor (for example, a network adaptor or a modem), a storage controller (for example, a SCSI or ATA disk controller), or an additional CPU. Several industry standards for computer buses have been developed. Notable standards include: SBus This standard was developed by Sun Microsystems. It uses a 32-bit data path and has a transfer rate up to 100 Mbit/sec. MBus This standard was developed by Sun Microsystems and employs a 64-bit data path and a transfer rate of 80 Mbit/sec. PCI Local Bus This bus standard was developed by Intel and is popular in Intel-based desktop PCs. It has a transfer rate of 133 Mbit/sec. PC Card Formerly known as PCMCIA, the PC Card bus is prevalent in laptop computers, and is commonly used for the addition of specialized communication devices or disk controllers. It is not uncommon for a computer to have more than one bus. For instance, many PCs have an additional bus that is known as a front side bus (FSB), which connects the CPU to a memory controller hub, as well as a high-speed graphics bus, a memory bus, and the low pin count (LPC) bus that is used for low-speed peripherals such as parallel and serial ports, keyboard, and mouse.
In this chapter, you will
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