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Case Studies
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Explicit Class Specializations
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Figure 4-7
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works like this. The conversion operator from int to Nybble is executed. This causes a new Nybble object to be created that contains the low-order 4 bits of the value 19, which is 3 because 19 overflows the range of a Nybble. (In this example, such overflow is acceptable.) This object is then assigned to a. Without the conversion operators, such expressions would not be allowed. The conversion of Nybble to int is also used by the for loop. Without this conversion, it would not be possible to write the for loop in such a straightforward way.
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A Brief Introduction to Collections
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A Programmer s Language
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supertype entity, the relationship between a subtype and supertype is known as ISA. For example, a salaried employee is an employee. Because the relationship name (ISA) is always the same, it is not shown on the diagram. Inheritance supports sharing between a supertype and its subtypes. Because every subtype entity is also a supertype entity, the attributes o f the supertype also apply to all subtypes. For example, every entity o f ing date because it is also an entity o f
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Data Communications Basics 32 Introduction to Network Technologies and Performance
over a hill is faster than going around it, especially if you ve got enough energy to easily hike over the hill, since going over a hill is often shorter than going around it. however, biological processes typically involve hundreds or thousands of molecules. For example, when a cell needs to manufacture a certain protein, it connects together hundreds of smaller molecules to make the protein. In addition to this, the cell typically needs to make hundreds or even thousands of copies of the protein. So to make our analogy complete, let s say 1000 people need to hike over the hill (or around it). The time it takes to get all 1000 people over the hill can be very slow if only some of the people have enough energy to hike over the hill. (The others are tired and hungry.) Let s also say there is a tall fence alongside the path, so the only way to the other side is to go over the hill. We have two choices to speed up the process of getting 1000 people to the other side of the hill. We can either provide the energy they need to get over the hill (carry them, or feed them), or we can remove the fence (a conformational change) and provide an alternative path around the hill. in a cell, molecules are all jostling about with various amounts of energy. if a biophysical process involves an energy path via a high-energy intermediate, then the process will proceed slowly if only some of the molecules have enough energy to reach the intermediate state. in order to speed up the process, the organism either must somehow provide the energy to get more molecules to the high-energy intermediate, or it must provide an alternative path to the end of the process (a path that does not involve a high-energy intermediate) so that even the low-energy molecules can participate.
Section III: Topics in Obstetrics
Be familiar with the data link encapsulation types listed in
Nonindexed Fields
1.8.15 Compliance with Codes and Standards
TABLE 11.1 Linear system
Finally, the .bin at the end indicates that this is a binary image.
The Development of Blu-ray Disc
Products in this category are changing extremely rapidly as the technology matures, but the following examples should give you some idea of the capabilities of current equipment at press time.
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