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If both objects are of the same type (that is, both are objects of the same class), then one object may be assigned to another. It is not sufficient for the two classes to simply be physically similar their type names must be the same. By default, when one object is assigned to another, a bitwise copy of the first object s data is copied to the second. The following program demonstrates object assignment:
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If you don t declare a namespace for your program, the default global namespace is used. This is why you have not needed to use namespace for the programs in the preceding chapters. While the global namespace is convenient for the short, sample programs found in this book, most real-world code will be contained within a declared namespace. The main reason for encapsulating your code within a declared namespace is that it prevents name conflicts. Namespaces are another tool that you have to help you organize programs and make them viable in today s complex, networked environment.
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The output from the program is shown here:
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CHAPTER 21 Exploring the System Namespace CHAPTER 22 Strings and Formatting CHAPTER 23 Multithreaded Programming CHAPTER 24 Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators CHAPTER 25 Networking Through the Internet Using System.Net CHAPTER 26 Use System.Windows.Forms to Create Form-Based Windows Applications
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Certi cation Summary
Figure 10.1 Studio Revenue in 2007
This function reads the stream pointed to by fp twice, displaying the file each time:
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