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Administrators may utilize the advanced cache file and compression settings of SpeedScreen to optimize SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration for slow connections, servers with limited memory or drive space, or servers with an overabundance of memory or drive space. Usage within the ICA File is as follows: SpeedScreenBACompressedCacheSize=value SpeedScreenBADecompressedCacheSize=value SpeedScreenBAMaximumCompressionLevel=value SpeedScreenBACompressedCacheSize Usage SpeedScreenBACompressedCacheSize=value Description SpeedScreen uses a compressed cache to store JPEG and GIF data sent from the Presentation Server. By caching this data on the client, pages that are revisited will display faster because the server does not retransmit the cached images to the client. The size of the cache determines how long images remain inside the cache and also, generally, the number of images that can fit into the cache. When the cache is filled, images previously added to the cache are removed. The least recently used image is deleted from the cache first. Initially, the cache is empty, and does not consume memory. As images are added to the cache, the cache grows to accommodate the images. If an image exceeds the maximum compressed cache size, it is not displayed through SpeedScreen.
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Certi cation Summary
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BioPassword Enrollment dialog
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As you can see, objects of type string can be manipulated in ways similar to C++ s built-in data types. Notice the ease with which the string handling is accomplished. For example, the + is used to concatenate strings and the > is use to compare two strings. To accomplish these operations using C-style, null-terminated strings, less convenient calls to the strcat( ) and strcmp( ) functions would be required. Because C++ string objects can be freely mixed with C-style null-terminated strings, there is no disadvantage to using them in your program and there are considerable benefits to be gained. There is one other thing to notice in the preceding program: the sizes of the strings are not specified. string objects are automatically sized to hold the string that they are given. Thus, when assigning or concatenating strings, the target string will grow as needed to accommodate the size of the new string. It is not possible to overrun the end of the string. This dynamic aspect of string objects is one of the ways that they are better than standard null-terminated strings (which are subject to boundary overruns).
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Rules for Solar Success
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The term breadboarding implies interconnecting a series of components in a temporary fashion to determine whether they will work together as designed. A breadboard of an electronic circuit, for example, can be built on a prototyping boards. These boards can include up to several thousand holes in which to insert standard electronic components to develop a circuit. The components are then interconnected by inserting short lengths of #22-gauge solid conductor wires in the adjacent holes. Such prototyping boards are useful in proving out a circuit you may have seen in a magazine article, or for proving out one you designed in your head. All the major electronic supply houses carry a variety of prototyping boards, and some even contain built-in power supplies, logic indicators, and signal generators. The use of prototyping boards can help you tweak the circuit for your particular application. Varying resistors and other components can help you narrow down a circuit to one that has the best characteristics for whatever you intend to interface it with. At this point, you may want to start drawing out a printed circuit board (PCB) pattern by hand and etch, or carve with an etching solution, your own board. Computer software, such as the lower end Eagle and others, are available to lay out simple boards. PCB houses can be found on the Internet that will take Spice and Gerber (electronic circuit software) files directly as a attachment and deliver one or more etched and through-hole plated boards back to you within just a few days.
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R u n t i m e Ty p e I D , R e f l e c t i o n , a n d A t t r i b u t e s
A new view of the DSV showing a named query has been used to replace the product dimension snowflake tables, and a named calculation has been added as well.
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The type parameter T is specified by Gen2 and is also passed to Gen. This means that whatever type is passed to Gen2 will also be passed to Gen. For example, this declaration
Figure 8-3. Automation Needs
Figure 7-2
Each time a target is created, it is assigned a GUID so it can be uniquely identified and independently cached on the user client workstation. The GUID is used to identify the isolation environment so that no two different installations of the same named target occupy the same location in the execution system cache. The GUID and version are used to determine the target CAB filename, which is a compressed subdirectory structure within the profile structure. Once the client is streamed the application, the directory structure on the workstation includes a version number. This is used to detect when updates to the application are available on the file share and ensures that the clients are always running the latest version.
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