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WAN Interfaces on Cisco Routers
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Remember, there are a number of options for installing an X10-capable light fixture, not just the switch we re installing. You can opt for a screw-in module, an inline module, or a dimmer with different functions, including two-way capabilities. If you d rather pursue one of the other options, feel free to do so. With the exception of the screw-in module (which is fairly self explanatory), the process for installing other X10 switches and inline modules will be somewhat similar. As always, be sure to read your manufacturer s instructions before beginning.
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Configuration Example
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you pretty much have to start over and do another game engine in order to take advantage of all the new hardware features. So, if a new graphics accelerator comes out or Microsoft comes out with a new DirectX driver, you need a new game engine. Now, they have new things like these 3D engines, like the ones they use to make Jedi Knight and Quake, where you run through hallways. Now they have a way to lay textures on the background so you get all these beautiful effects. It looks far, far more detailed than it used to. With graphics accelerators, you can take advantage of those features. So, now they have to rewrite the engines to use the features. Before they didn t have that capability. So, it seems like you ve got to make a tough decision somewhere during the process, looking at the most current hardware platform and looking at what you re doing with the software, and deciding where to set the minimal system requirements. Yes. For us, being a learning company, our minimal platform is never as high as the cutting edge. We don t try to be cutting edge. We do want to try to have great-looking games. So, it is a balance. We re not doing the lowest end stuff, but we re not striving to be cutting edge either. We try to take advantage of the technology that LucasArts develops. Most people give their hand-me-down computers to their son or daughter to play educational games. Our minimal platform is usually much lower than the typical entertainment games. Are you still actively supporting the Mac platform Absolutely. For kid s games, a lot of people out there have Macs for their kids. Or, hand their Macs down. We re big proponents of Macs. Supporting both platforms must be a little complicated, too In DroidWorks, we had simultaneous development. We had a Mac programmer devoted to converting DroidWorks over. It was released on disc in Mac and PC versions. It was a pretty involved exercise to get the Jedi Knight engine onto the Mac. The single disc had both Mac and PC versions
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There are a number of good security systems out there, and they all work basically the same way. For our Smart Home project, however, we will be using the Omni II home security system. It retails for US$1,229.99. The Omni II system coordinates lighting, heating, air, security, and messaging based on a schedule you establish. It comes with several standard modes, like Day, Night, Away, and Vacation. Further, it can accommodate customized schedules for instance Home From Work, Movie Night, or Catnap that set the temperatures, lights, and security to customized levels for those particular settings. The system utilizes a variety of sensors in a coordinated effort to adjust lighting, appliances, and thermostats. Sensors, such as temperature and security, are used to monitor a wide range of environments and actions. The system is X10 compatible, which allows devices beyond the confines of the Omni II system to be integrated. For example, if an exterior motion detector senses movement outside, then not only can an exterior light be turned on, but so can a light inside the house. The system is programmed and controlled either through a console or via a home computer. Additionally, one can use a palmtop computer to access the Omni II settings (as shown in Figure 6-1). The included console shows system status and allows control and scheduling of various attributes of the Smart Home, including lighting, security, and temperature.
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inflatable sharks hanging from the ceiling and Nerf ball fights in the hallways. Because they don t normally sell anything, there aren t any sales or marketing people around, only programmers, writers, artists, musicians, animators, and similar folks. If you want to make games in a place where you ll be surrounded by creative people, a development company is the place to be. However, being small, development companies can t offer the same benefits that publishers can. The pay and facilities aren t usually as good. Development companies survive from year to year on their development contracts with publishers, and as soon as one project is finished it has to scramble to get a contract for another one, or it ll have to start laying people off. Developers often make use of subcontractors small, independent companies that concentrate on one thing, like animation or music in order to do part of the work. That way they don t have to carry these people on their books as employees year-round; they only pay them when they need them. In a way, a subcontractor is to a developer what a developer is to a publisher: a way of saving money by moving the work out of house. Because it doesn t have as reliable a source of income as a publisher, a development company is unlikely to go public on the stock exchange. If you need the benefits and stability of a large company, you re better off working for a publisher; if you like the freedom and crazy atmosphere of a bunch of wildly creative people in a small office, then go for a developer.
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This page intentionally left blank
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// Value types are passed by value. using System; class Test { /* This method causes no change to the arguments used in the call. */ public void NoChange(int i, int j) { i = i + j; j = -j; } } class CallByValue { static void Main() { Test ob = new Test();
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made, you can simply retrieve the last saved version from which to experiment again.
The frequency response of a system can be plotted using a logarithmic scale in the following manner. Given the frequency response H ( ), we calculate |H ( )|dB = 20 log10 |H ( )| (15.1)
Existing decks have survived for decades without replacement. In the U.S., decks are made of concrete, metal, and timber. The life expectancy for composite decks is 25 to 30 years with deck repairs. Concrete decks: Without overlays With epoxy or galvanized reinforcement bars With bitumenous overlay and without membrane waterproo ng With bitumenous overlay and membrane waterproo ng Least expensive of all overlays and signi cantly extends life of deck. 5. With LMC or concrete overlay Used extensively and is sensitive to quality of workmanship. They may not have longer service life than waterproo ng and bitumenous paving systems. Other types include corrosion inhibitor aggregates. 1. 2. 3. 4.
Strategy Map
#include <cstdlib> using namespace std; class sample { char *s; public: sample(); // normal constructor sample(const sample &ob); // copy constructor ~sample( ) { if(s) delete [] s; cout << "Freeing s\n"; } void show() { cout << s << "\n"; } void set(char *str); sample operator=(sample &ob); // overload assignment }; // Normal constructor. sample::sample() { s = new char('\0'); // s points to a null string. } // Copy constructor. sample::sample(const sample &ob) { s = new char[strlen(ob.s)+1]; strcpy(s, ob.s); } // Load a string. void sample::set(char *str) { s = new char[strlen(str)+1]; strcpy(s, str); } // Overload assignment operator. sample sample::operator=(sample &ob) { /* If the target memory is not large enough then allocate new memory. */ if(strlen(ob.s) > strlen(s)) { delete [] s; s = new char[strlen(ob.s)+1]; } strcpy(s, ob.s); return *this; } // Return an object of type sample. sample input() { char instr[80]; sample str;
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