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the bridge deck, prevent accidents, and have no drainage problems or deicing salts. A return to forgotten fundamentals in some cases may be desirable. Scope of the ABC approach: ABC is useful for emergency replacement of bridges damaged from construction accidents such as crane collapse, vehicular accidents, ship collision, ice damage, ood or earthquake, for which accelerated planning and design will also be necessary. Using ABC, formwork, or much of concrete placement and curing is not required. For rapid construction, such as for busy highways and over rivers and waterways, there is no substitute for ABC. Activities such as borehole tests, pile driving, shop drawing review, and closure pour are unchanged. While cast-in-place construction is time tested, ABC applications are of recent origin. ABC has a great potential for wider use but many road blocks need to be removed to pave way for a much wider application. Some limitations of ABP include: 1. An ABC design code based on ABP for alternatives and connections will be required: ABC is an entirely different method of construction. Fabrication, transportation of components, and erection methods are different. 2. Impact on analysis and design: The following design issues need attention: Distribution coef cients in LRFD method Longitudinal joints alter the aspect ratio of deck panels. While the span to girder spacing ratio may be unchanged, transverse distribution of live load is diminished. Percentage of longitudinal distribution is increased and needs to be evaluated. Load factors AASHTO s use of load factors for CIP construction will change for precast construction. Changes in boundary conditions compare to conventional construction. The advantage of Poisson s ratio in transverse bending is no longer available due to discontinuity. The orthotropic behavior of the superstructure needs to be improved by providing diaphragms at closer longitudinal spacing. Advantage of arching action at supports will be lost since the de ection pattern has changed. Due to age differences in cast-in-place concrete for closure pour and precast panels, differential shrinkage is likely to take place. Longitudinal joints may crack or open up, requiring repairs and lane closures. Compared to cast-in-place construction, a precast bridge with numerous deck joints is likely to be weaker during earthquakes. The trend in design is to eliminate transverse and longitudinal joints by adopting integral abutment and integral pier approach for uni ed behavior. Segmental deck construction requires transverse prestressing. Span lengths in concrete bridges are restricted to about 100 feet due to transport restrictions of heavy components. Deck drainage provisions in transverse and longitudinal directions would still require concrete topping with varying thickness in the eld. 3. Approach slab construction requires placing precast panels supported on grade. Separation from grade may happen due to a lack of compaction and a raised water table leading to settlement of the approach slab. Future widening is not easy if transverse prestressing of the deck slab has been used. Full-scale testing is required to develop con dence, especially for curved bridges. MPT, approach slab construction, permits and utility relocation, etc. are unavoidable constraints.
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How is CMV transmitted
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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Let S be the set of all people who are alive on October 10, 2004 and T the set of all real numbers. Let f be the rule that assigns to each person his or her weight in pounds at precisely noon on October 10, 2004. Discuss whether f : S T is a function.
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int putch(int ch)
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j DisplayPort (Figure 7.13). A recent single-cable digital A/V connector for com-
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This fragment clears all but the lower 7 bits of the character input from the keyboard.
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Part II:
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As a note for developers coaching Three learners, most Threes will automatically try to define and confirm a coaching plan as soon as the goals are agreed upon. While this makes sense, because Threes move immediately from goal to plan, this step is premature at this point in the coaching relationship. The developer and learner have not yet discussed the developmental issues related to the learner s goals, how often and for how long they need to meet, and how to make the coaching relationship work best for both of them. Threes usually want everything they do to be efficient and effective, and they easily merge efficiency (achieving something in the shortest possible time) with effectiveness (achieving the desired outcome). In coaching, the process may not always feel efficient, as new topics, themes, issues, and goals emerge that may actually be more significant for the development of the learner than the initial goals. In addition, it is not possible to predict exactly how long a certain aspect of the coaching may take. Much of this depends on the learner s receptivity, the complexity of the issues, the developer s skill, and the relationship between the learner and developer. Thus, if Three learners try to get total clarity about how the coaching will proceed at this stage, the developer can use the learner s insistence to raise an important coaching issue for Threes: their addiction to goals and plans.
Reporting and Analysis
When an object is returned by a method, it remains in existence until there are no more references to it. At that point, it is subject to garbage collection. Thus, an object won t be destroyed just because the method that created it terminates. One application of object return types is the class factory. A class factory is a method that is used to construct objects of its class. In some situations, you may not want to give users of a class access to the class constructor because of security concerns or because object construction depends upon certain external factors. In such cases, a class factory is used to construct objects. Here is a simple example:
Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
Universe Design Principles
9- 6 What is the accumulated balance on $1000 placed at 6% interest for 5 years if the interest is compounded (a) quarterly or (b) monthly
Router> traceroute Type escape sequence to abort. Tracing the route to 1 20 msec 24 msec 16 msec 2 16 msec 16 msec 12 msec 3 12 msec 12 msec 12 msec
Additionally, there are four other frequently used sequences that use the F keys in combination. These are:
Operating on Strings
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